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ZIPP2001 06-15-21 07:09 PM

Mass Central Rail Trail
What a nice trail and has some off shoots that I will look forward to exploring.

rumrunn6 06-16-21 01:11 PM

that one rings a bell! (but I don't think I recognize that section)

been trying to get Wifey there for a cpl years now. but she doesn't like to drive to ride ... ;-(

UniChris 06-18-21 07:30 PM

The MCRT is kind of like the Empire Trail in that it's a plan for a trail made of existing trails, potential trails, and finding a way or putting up road signs where the way is gone.

But it doesn't have a mildly maniacal governor who decided to make it a signature goal.

So sure, there are some nice bits already at the ends that already existed under other names - I'm on one all but daily. But the heavy lifting of making Belchertown to Lexington or whatever a reality rests with little people, not loud politicians.

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