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RadTechGal 10-11-06 08:15 PM

GW: I took a peek at the loops you posted using Google maps and the first and second rides seem doable for me. I’ll have to check the route out by car next time I’m driving around in that area. The ‘painful’ loop ….. well…..uhhh….I’m putting that one on the backburner for a bit :D Now that Vernon to Vernon ride sounds interesting. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year.

Steve: Thanks. I know those roads well. When I first moved up to CT from NY I lived off Kennedy road in Windsor. Much of that area from RT 75 to I91 used to be tobacco fields. A section of my usual loop takes me on Route 187 and Barry Street as well.

This thread makes me want another round of warm weather again, as I, too, dread the trainer. I have a love/hate thing going on with it.


GuitarWizard 10-11-06 08:28 PM

I have a bunch of those loops on me get some of 'em:

Here's the Big Y one:

This is the 23 mile loop, but is longer due to the fact that I left from and returned to the campground - better known as the "death loop", as taking a left up Rte. 57 at the end of Rte. 189 versus taking a right and heading back to the school is rather painful:

This is almost the 60 mile loop I did, but one of the final roads I had planned on taking is apparently closed due to construction (glad I had a map with me), so I had to tack on some mileage and more climbing. This ride is much tougher than it looks with the elevation chart:

GuitarWizard 10-11-06 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by spindog
Besides needing very good lighting and very warm clothing > the dangerous thing right now appears to be the leaves.

I noticed tonight on my drive home with the rain and wind, that some of the roads looked like a colorful carpet of wet leaves. Very uncool.

Wet leaves on the road are just as slick to cars as they are to bikes. Only, many drivers don't think so until it is too late.

Then of course, in the Spring comes the sand .... .... ....

Yeah...I just picked up a nice Castelli fall/winter/spring jacket that I'm looking forward to using. I don't mind so much the cold weather in's the sand all over the roads that I absolutely hate. Well, that and the fact it gets dark at like 4:30 p.m.

I need to move to a warmer climate though, so I can ride year 'round in shorts and a jersey.

twowheels 10-12-06 04:44 AM

Here is routeslip map for a ride in Suffield. I must admit that I don't know Suffield as well my normal routes east of the river. Did enjoy riding on Hill Street because it was very quiet with little to no traffic (at least when I was on it). I generally avoid busy areas unless it's off hours or a Sunday.

GuitarWizard 10-12-06 07:03 AM

You live near Broadbrook?

twowheels 10-12-06 07:10 AM

Hi GW,

I'm actually in Ellington, not too far from Broadbrook.

GuitarWizard 10-12-06 10:37 AM

Nice....I've driven through there, lots of nice roads in that area.

RadTechGal 10-12-06 12:59 PM

GW: thanks for the links. I’ve bookmarked them for future use. I may have to add a couple of my own to share.

Twowheels: Thanks for the link also. Hill Street is beautiful and quiet. South Stone/North Stone Street is pretty quiet too and runs parallel to Rt 187. Halladay Ave West all the way out to RT 187 is pretty quiet. Rt 187 south from that point can get busy depending on the time of day. There are days when 1 or two cars pass by and there are days when every car, pick up, van, 18 wheeler, and dump truck pass by---there is little to no shoulder on that road. As a result, I avoid riding during typical rush hour timeframes. I don’t want to become a statistic.

So many places to ride, so little time …..

GuitarWizard 10-12-06 02:31 PM

If you want to ride with no traffic, if you head east of Stafford Springs on Rte. 190 on a weekday while everyone is at work, there is barely any cars in that part of the state. You can head up Rte. 171 through Bigelow Hollow if you like climbing, and then down Rte. 198 South to Rte. 44 West, and then head up Rte. 32 North back to Stafford Springs. Not a bad little loop.

There's a lot of good riding in the Northeastern part of CT, and traffic is usually very managable. Not to mention people seem to be very courteous of cyclists around here for the most part.

I remember driving around that part (that I mentioned above), scoping out a bike route, and I didn't come across another car for over 20 minutes....and I was driving a good 50-60 mph for the most part. It was unreal.

steveCT 10-12-06 04:22 PM

The lack of day lights does not help. With my work schedule, I am looking at weekend rides now. Hey I am still at work. Note to myself... stop looking for distractions and get back to work. :D


GuitarWizard 10-12-06 04:36 PM

That sucks.....I try to work 7-3 p.m.....although I duck out at 1-2 p.m. once in awhile and finish up from home. I also work from home at least 2 days a week. Since I've been sick lately, today was the first day back in the office since last Tuesday.

steveCT 10-12-06 08:20 PM

Luckily, I don't have to work late like this all the time. Hope you are better now, yikes it must be awful to be sick for over a week.

GuitarWizard 10-13-06 05:12 AM

It's been over a month, actually.....still not well. Right now I have an enlarged liver and spleen, and the Doctors aren't sure why yet - initial results led to an acute Hepatitis, but I tested negative for A, B and C. Waiting on the results of a second round of bloodwork before I get to go see a gastro specialist.

steveCT 10-13-06 06:22 AM

Hope they will get to the bottom of it real soon.


Panic 10-13-06 07:40 AM

Geez GW, get well soon.

I gave up on outside riding a few weeks ago, reffing vball, work, etc - so its trainer time for me.

jamisbiker 10-14-06 03:05 PM

Are any of you CT guys on the mystic velo team? I was thinking about joining and getting my license but I am not sure...

GuitarWizard 10-14-06 05:28 PM

Not I. A guy at work is on the Arc En Ceil team out of Rhode Island, and I'm debating joining that team for next year, depending on what happens this fall/winter.

GuitarWizard 07-24-07 05:26 AM

I love revisiting old threads sometimes.....kinda funny to see what you've posted up in the past..


Originally Posted by GuitarWizard
I'd like to do the Tour of the Litchfield Hills next year....

Signed up, and getting my wisdom teeth extracted 3 days prior :)


Originally Posted by GuitarWizard
Speaking of hills, anyone do the Housatonic Hills Road Race? Will be starting racing next year if all goes as planned, and that will probably be one of my first events.

I never prayed for flat roads so much in my life as I did at this race.

Panic 07-24-07 07:19 AM

I've had a rough season. Vball and weather kept me from riding outside till late, late June. I've done less than 300 miles outside this season.

I'm looking to move South, or maybe Colorado - possibly Northern California. Not for riding, but for work, the side benefit is I'll be able to ride more in those climates hopefully.

fprintf 07-24-07 08:30 PM

One of my goals will be to do the Tour of Litchfield Hills 75 next year. Just the name of it, "Hills" has scared me off this year since I only *just* made it over Talcott Mountain in Simsbury this past weekend without walking. But next year I am hoping to be there with the 100s of other cyclists.

The weekend of ToLH I will probably be doing a solo century from Cheshire past Fairfield and back. Not sure yet which way to go, but I am sure I will find something on CTbikeroutes, or that is suitable.

JoeOxfordCT 07-25-07 04:16 AM


Originally Posted by Panic (Post 4917420)

Panic, what kind of volleyball work do you do ? My (about to be) sophomore daughter is really into vball. She made the freshman team last year at Woodland High in Beacon Falls. Over the winter I got her into a program at the CT Sports Center in Woodbridge. She is hoping to make the varsity team this year.

J. :)

Homebrew01 08-03-07 08:13 AM

I'm in Newtown and ride when riding alone I tend to head North into Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington ... If I ride with the Bethel club, they usually head south to Westport, Fairfield ....,

Panic 08-04-07 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by JoeOxfordCT (Post 4925039)
Panic, what kind of volleyball work do you do ? My (about to be) sophomore daughter is really into vball. She made the freshman team last year at Woodland High in Beacon Falls. Over the winter I got her into a program at the CT Sports Center in Woodbridge. She is hoping to make the varsity team this year.

J. :)

I was coaching boys at Farmington. If she plays at CT Sports Center, she's a long way to making Varsity.

Good luck.

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I never got the email alert.

alexmorgan 08-16-07 04:05 PM

I'm hailing from New Canaan, I've been looking to get a start in competitive cycling but...flat just doesn't happen around here, constant hills...and I am NOT light seeing as my other sports include weightlifting and wrestling...hardly cycling material. 5' 10"- 200 lbs. Nice to meet ya!

JBS103 08-20-07 09:19 PM

Not too many south-westerners, huh? I guess I have to go make friends with those New Yorkas.


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