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youngbeginner 08-09-13 10:27 AM

I'm in Westchester county outside of the city... But if there is a ride I can always take the metro north into Grand central and then go from there... Do i count?

Shannah 09-16-13 07:23 PM

Hey I joined not too long Brooklyn.

walrus1 09-16-13 11:21 PM

I'm in NYC and I believe the OP is no longer active.

Gramercy 09-17-13 06:39 AM

The past two weekends I've crossed the GW bridge and headed north on 9W - I may do it this weekend as well if anyone is around.

noglider 09-19-13 10:39 AM

I moved into the West Village last month. I lived in Manhattan for the first 26 years of my life. Average speed was slow because of traffic. Now that I can ride the Greenway, I'm astonished at how much ground I can cover in just a few minutes. It's practically like the number 2/3 train.

RMak 09-21-13 09:34 PM

I'm from Queens and i'm frequently riding throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. If anyone wants to ride, hit me up but give me a few days in advance.

anthonybkny 09-21-13 10:10 PM

Another from bklyn

Gramercy 01-06-14 10:55 AM

Is anyone planning on doing races in the NYC area this year? Can we start a thread on that?

stayfed 01-06-14 08:43 PM


noglider 01-06-14 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by Gramercy (Post 16387057)
Is anyone planning on doing races in the NYC area this year? Can we start a thread on that?

Go right ahead. You know where the "Post new thread" button is?

wilfried 01-07-14 12:34 PM

Coming late to this game. You can add me too. I live in Manhattan, Lower East Side (and got here before it was hip, hence I can afford the rent). I ride a Brompton, and now that it's winter, bike share, since bikes are actually available, and I can let their bikes get salty.

zacster 01-08-14 06:21 AM

I signed up for this thread when it first opened 7 years ago, and I'm still here.

Rudyb 01-17-14 08:02 AM

Add me to your lists please. I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and would love to join the crew. Thanks!

zacster 01-17-14 10:16 AM

The OP hasn't been online for a few years now. I think the list is dead.

leooooo 01-23-14 09:29 PM

Queens boy here
Regularly ride out to the island (4x a week)

ihatepickingthi 05-23-14 10:06 PM

Queens here as well. Starting to train for a century ride next week. If anyone is interested let me know.

ascherer 08-05-14 08:11 PM

Just saw this thread. UWS Manhattan.

Social Climber 08-06-14 02:18 PM

Westchester County

ChiroVette 08-06-14 02:31 PM

Brooklyn here!

Hey since the OP is no longer active, would anyone object to me starting a new thread on this if I am willing to maintain it by editing the first post as people are added?

I would also gladly help coordinate bike meetups and such as well as ride-plans and anything that we can all do to further the cycling community here in NY connected to the forum.

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