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BrooklynRider 05-24-07 07:49 PM

Bear Mountain? Sounds hilly!

Mid-Late June perhaps? I'll have to check the calendar with Wifey. From what I've read about you svloid, I might be a bit freddy for your kind! :o

keithnyc 05-25-07 06:35 AM

"a bit freddy"

qw1a 05-28-07 04:41 PM

Add me to the list too, pls. would love to join some people riding late weekday nights (after 8 usually).

Tehuelche 05-28-07 09:52 PM

Hi there, newbie from Brooklyn here...please add me to the list

Beastman 05-29-07 12:17 AM

Yea, please add me also.

dendawg 05-29-07 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by BrooklynRider
Obviously, I'm from Brooklyn.

I ride in PP or up the WSHighway at times, as well. Thinking of which, I got a Forester last summer and should do a few one-day excursions out of town for some rides this summer. I have a bike rack as well, that may still fit a wagon. Hmmm where to go? Any takers?

Almost anywhere north in the Hudson Valley. Nice roads around New Paltz. Also north of Newburgh around Marlboro. Another nice area if your driving the bike out there is the Great Swamp in NJ. About a 45 minute drive from midtown. You might want to pick up a Metro North bike permit, then you could just train the bike up to Westchester and Putnam counties.

As for a rack for the Forester, you might want to look into adding a trailer hitch if it doesn't have one. I did that to my Chevy Tracker. and bought a 4 bike Yakima rack that fits the hitch receiver. Much less drag than a roof rack.

frankenbike 05-30-07 09:44 PM

Mark me present, please. I can be found riding either my hideous, green Trek dumpster diver special with hand-crafted pvc bucket fenders, or my super spiffy '67 Raleigh 3 speed.

Islander2260 06-04-07 06:44 AM

Please add me to the list too. Thanks.

JFlitt 06-10-07 03:49 PM

Wow so many people from nyc.
anyway i'm in queens, 1 block away from long island.

luzer 06-11-07 03:45 PM

Uws !

SuperStroke 06-18-07 01:18 AM

slvoid, chalk up this Brooklynite. I got into cycling not too long ago to rehab a reconstructed ACL after flipping a motorcycle thru midtown a year ago. I hustle out about 100-150miles/week, all bk paths all sorts of hours of the day so it's quite possible I seen alot of ya already. Enough about me. Thank you sir

aeyoo83 06-18-07 09:11 AM

checking in from the upper east side... formerly from flushing, queens. can you pls add me to the list?

was looking to buy a hybrid but i fell in love with the speed of road bikes - picking up my new CAAD9 this week and looking to get in some rides.


aeyoo83 06-18-07 09:16 AM

quick question - anyone know what the open hours are for the central park bike path/loop?

thank you.

Lucky07 06-18-07 11:08 AM

Aeyoo, Central Park closes at midnight. Not sure when it opens in the a.m. I'd guess 5am or so. Best riding (especially in warm weather) is before 7am or after 7pm when the Park is closed to car traffic. Between those times it's pretty crowded with cars, joggers, tourists, etc, etc.

stevesurf 06-18-07 01:17 PM

Hola pls add me

PATH 06-18-07 01:25 PM

Was in Inwood and den da Bronx before moving to Rockland which is North of the City.

monsterkidz 06-20-07 10:21 AM

Rockland rocks!

ridewithme 06-20-07 11:50 PM

noooooobz from brooklyn.

librariansrawk 06-21-07 01:36 PM

hello, I'm eboo's housemate and I just bought a bike! yay!

mattyknacks 06-23-07 09:26 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I was sitting in the park watching all the bike riders going by and I wondered how many people on this list were there also. So I got this idea. Why don't we each reply to this post with a pic or two as an attachment of what we and our bikes look like. This way we can spot (or avoid, haha) each other on our rides.

I will start, and see if this idea catches on.

icctrombone 06-24-07 06:11 PM

Newbie from Staten Island. add me too.:D

jwbnyc 06-24-07 08:54 PM

Park is open from 6AM-1AM

Here are the bike regs:


Originally Posted by aeyoo83
quick question - anyone know what the open hours are for the central park bike path/loop?

thank you.

Turboem1 06-25-07 08:40 AM

Can you please add me too. I am on Long Island but will travel to the city. Thanks

mastershake 06-25-07 10:22 AM

Checking in from Hell's Kitchen. I did some road rides with a few of you guys a while back, but lately I've mostly been doing the commuting thing with some CP laps mixed in. My commuter getup is an orange and white bike with an orange and white bag. So far, I haven't had any close calls, surely because no one has the heart to run over a delicious creamsicle.

dimitris77 06-26-07 10:51 PM

I am located in Yonkers. I hope this qualifies.

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