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Jakedatc 01-09-09 07:05 PM

Have: Cinelli 44 C-C regular drop bars 31.8 clamp
Bianchi 44 C-C regular drop bars 26 clamp
Selle Italia Trans Am Max

want: 42 C-C shallow drop bar 26 clamp
Rolls or Regal or Terry Fly saddle

Mike552 01-10-09 02:30 PM

700c front wheel in pretty poor condition. 36h with I believe is a black Matrix rim and a Maillard (french made) hub. The wheel is straight, but it has been sitting in the elements and the spoke nipples are rusted as a result. The rim and hub, being made of alloy, look very salvageable.

Someone to lace up my old Shimano 600/6400 hub to an old Sun M13II rim that I have. I have a set of used spokes that I am planning to use for this purpose. This is basically a cheap-o wheel that I want to use on my beater bike.

I am in the Boston area.

Marrock 05-16-09 05:35 PM

I'm looking for an inexpensive fork to replace a crap suspended MB fork on my beater/hauler/commuter.

Threadless, preferably with disc brake mounts.

Not sure what I have for trade that anyone might want but PM me and we can hash it out.

joejack951 05-16-09 05:40 PM

Marrock, how long does the headtube need to be, assuming you are ok with a fork without disc mounts (Surly 1X1 with posts only)?

Marrock 05-16-09 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by joejack951 (Post 8930868)
Marrock, how long does the headtube need to be, assuming you are ok with a fork without disc mounts (Surly 1X1 with posts only)?

Needs at least 7.5" of steerer, no mount would be ok, I'd just have to run it with no front brakes till I can get the parts.

I was just hoping for a disc because I like them when I have to stop with a loaded trailer in crap weather.

go_skins 05-18-09 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by Renato (Post 7575980)
I used this twice, a total of 3.5 hours! It's new, in the box with all tags, manuals, skewer and even a training DVD that came with it. Indoor riding just didn't do it for me.
This trainer works great, it's very stable, feels pretty natural and was quiet. I'm around Great Neck (LI) and work in Times Square.

Interested on:
- a very light road front wheel (>750grams?)
- Roof mounted bike rack (or parts of one. I have a VW Passat wagon, so the cross bars, or the tray would work)
- A pair of LOOK Keo Carbon pedals (if they're in good shape)


Are you still interested in a trade? I have a Thule roof rack and bike mount (type that you remove front wheel) All it needs is the vehicle specific mounts. Work in NJ, but could probably meet you somewhere.

Greenfieldja 06-09-09 08:52 AM

parts parts parts in RI
I am moving and have gone thru my spare parts bin. I have the following stuff that needs a new home:

Shimano Exage biopace crankset
Shimano Exage brake levers
Shimano Exage brake calipers

Shimano 105 crankset (from 7speed era)

A bunch of Hyperglide cassette cogs, spacers, lockrings for 7speed setup.

Time magnesium pedals (w/ cleats).

Profile clip on aerobars.

The above stuff is free for the taking. I will not ship it as I have had a pain in the arse experience when I offered this stuff through a "pay it forward" thread elsewhere on

If you can use this stuff or know of anyone who can give me a call or email me:



pgoat 07-13-09 08:06 AM

Have: 175 Crankset (Specialized ForeArm Sport, 22/32/42 teeth) Very decent condition (I will try to post a pic asap).

Need: 165 or 170 Crank, single chain ring is fine, prefer 110 or 130 BCD. Square taper axle (1999 era).

a226534 08-30-09 07:28 PM

PGoat Crank
Pgoat Hi I am putting together a rockhopper and am looking for the crank you have anything else you may need cant help out with the single crank

otep12 09-25-09 12:58 PM


PM me what you want to trade.

MondoSam 10-05-09 01:47 PM

Have: Weinmann 700C Wheelset (original from my early 90's Raleigh). Rear wheel has Shimano HG Hub (a bit noisy). Both wheels are nice and true, no broken spokes, etc. I live in Philadelphia.

datlas 01-30-10 12:15 PM

Have: Ritchey Comp Seatpost, 27.2, nearly new (was too short for my new build, I believe the length is 250 and I needed 300), Dura-Ace 7 speed freewheel 12-21
Want: Dura-Ace 7400 Right Sided Crank, 175 mm

Please send PM if interested.


Veloria 04-09-10 05:20 AM

{I have deleted the have/want list that was here earlier, as it no longer applies**

noglider 04-26-10 10:57 PM

Veloria, if you're looking for something rare, you might want to create a google alert.

I see an SC3 on ebay. I guess you don't want to pay that much?

CPFITNESS 07-18-10 10:18 AM

I have a shimano 14-16-18-20-22-24-34 megarange 7 speed freewheel with about 60 miles on it. I ended up putting a triple crank up front and now am looking for a 13-28 freewheel instead. I know I can buy one for about $25 bucks but I figured I'd take a shot and see if anyone has anything

Ilnyckyj 07-20-10 07:29 AM

have: LARGE White Catlike Whisper Plus

want: MEDIUM Catlike Whisper Plus

TiberiusBTkirk 08-06-10 09:44 PM

HAVE: New Pair of ProWheel Alloy Unicycle Crank arms, square taper, 152mm
Want: Used blinky, knog frogs etc.

Veloria 08-09-10 06:14 AM

. 26" Marathon Plus tires, excellent condition, good for vintage 3-speed updates!
. vintage sprung mattress saddle in good condition (from a Dutch bike)
. handlebar mirror

. classic bend drop handlebars, alloy, 42cm or so
. a used Brooks B72 saddle in brown

MacCruiskeen 09-06-10 08:44 AM

I have a nonfunctioning Magicshine 900 headlight that I have replaced with a different light and is now surplus. Near as I can tell the problem is that one of the wires on the battery unit has come loose. I'm willing to give this away to someone who thinks they can fix it.

BoDiddley 09-17-10 05:36 PM

Have: Univega Supra Sport-(will be re-gripped) 58cm frame

Want: Any Vintage bike that is 53cm or there abouts..looking for a straight up trade

ak47clown 09-24-10 05:53 AM

Is that MagicShine still available? I'd love to take a look at it

TJ Kirchner 10-23-10 09:05 PM

HAVE: 1962 Western Flyer Cutlass
I'm trading a 1962 Western Flyer Cutlass Mens Bicycle. This is an american classic style of bike, a midweight cruiser. It's barn-fresh. I was going to restore it, but if you put new tires and tubes on it, it would probably be ready to roll. The bike has a bit of patina rust all over, but either ride as is, or knock it down and re-spray it.
Usually, the seats get shredded on these.. this one is in great shape! Was stored in a barn untill recently.
A great, usable piece of nostalga or a good place to start a custom cruiser project.

Have: An Iron Horse 26" beach cruiser..that now is on 700c SACHS hubbed Drum braked tandem wheels with a 3speed rear!
... And now, for something completely different!
This bike started life as an Iron Horse beach cruiser. I rescued it from the scrap pile and started tinkering.
It has been modified to no longer have 26" cruiser rims... it now has a pair of SACHS hubbed touring wheels in 700c with a 3 speed (english style) internally geared rear hub and drum brakes front and back. It has a pair of slightly dropped bars, a kick-back seat post, GT crank, redline chain tensioners, and a WTB saddle.
Its a bit of a monster.
Very fun to cruise around on, fast too!
Its no lightweight, but feels like a big BMX bike... awesome.
If you were so inclined, the wheels would be fantastic for a Tandem or Touring project, VERY sturdy.
Questions? Just ask.
I've got too many in the stable and a couple have to go!
Many new parts, repacked grease, great bike![email protected]/5059907746/

Have: Action Bent Tidalwave 1 USS Recumbent. 700c rear with 20 front.
Bike has been upgraded. No problems with chainline! has a custom pulley system.
This shot is of the bike before upgrades.. if you're truly interested, lemme know.

WANT: A roadbike. A decent quality one, especially if im gonna give up my recumbent. I'd like to find one either in a 56cm for myself (6') or i'd really like to get my wife into a road bike about 49cm

I'm in York Pa.... can travel if its worth my time.

osiris419 10-29-10 08:26 AM

Want: 27" coaster brake wheel
Have: Let me know I might have it

Oramas 11-23-10 09:35 AM

Crane Creek SCR-5 Brake Levers & Bianchi Drop Bar

1. Two Crane Creek SCR-5 Brake Levers
2. Bianchi San Jose Drop Bar

Want: open to offers, bike & non-bike related

audi666 11-24-10 11:15 AM

I have a 2009 Giant TCR Advanced 2 M/L

It’s a tad big on me and I wouldn’t mind trading for a M (or a comparable ~56cm frame)

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