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qw1a 06-01-13 12:00 PM

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I can't ride a bike any more, only keeping my single speed for commuting. So, there is a whole bunch of stuff I need to get rid of, see the picture. Happy to answer any questions. Make me an offer to trade for (only thing I can think of is mountaineering/climbing/hiking gear).

Jakedatc 06-13-13 01:03 PM

I forgot about the NE trade thread

Cinelli Vai ergo road bars 44 c-c 31.8 clamp
Deda Magic 90mm stem, black with blue graphics, 8deg i think
Bontrager Race 27.2 seat post 250mm length? black with the side bolt style also low miles, doesn't fit with my saddle
Cane Creek Strados wheelset 9-10spd shimano hub.

San Marco Regal saddle
110bcd 34T SRAM chainring
105 or Ultegra road pedals spd-sl
other ideas? PM me

Edit to add:
Have: Thomson Elite 27.2 x 250 black with offset

Want: Same but no offset (black or silver)

Lmuir 09-10-13 12:34 PM

I NEED a 105 5600 or ultegra 6600 right shifter (10 speed) (Boston MA)

I'm in the middle of a 9 -> 10 speed upgrade, and after I took the rubber hood off the right shifter, I discovered that the body of the shifter is cracked pretty badly

To trade:
functioning 5600 shifter, but with cracked plastic
5600 left shifter (triple)
look kelme pedals
SRAM 9-speed cassete >100 miles
Shimano DA 9 speed chain >100 miles
tektro brake calipers

I can also be reached via text seven-81-seven-38one971

Gramercy 09-17-13 08:19 AM

Does anybody have older clothes they don't need? Jersey's, tights, long sleeve shirts, etc.

joejack951 09-17-13 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by Gramercy (Post 16074663)
Does anybody have older clothes they don't need? Jersey's, tights, long sleeve shirts, etc.

What size?

Gramercy 09-17-13 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by joejack951 (Post 16074811)
What size?

I'm 6'1, about 170lbs, 34 waist 34 length pants. I don't know if my jersey size would be large or x large; I know they run small. I wear large kapilene shirts when I ride. I have a long sleeve jersey that's a large

joejack951 09-17-13 09:10 AM

Sorry, biggest I've got is a medium. Mostly small.

chapel 10-09-13 12:56 PM

Located in Salem MA

Bought all these parts and realized afterwards that it's for a singlespeed/fixie conversion.
Items shown that are available:
all the handlebars (plus a few more)
That leather seat
Sugino GP130 crank (only drive side)
Black and orange bottle cages
52 tooth chainrings (two different PCDs)
Shimano Light Action front and rear derailleur and shift levers with downtube spacers
Diacomp side pull brakes
26.2mm seat post (brand new in bag, only removed to find that my seattube is 27mm)
A bunch of other stuff I don't need.

700c Weinnmann wheel

What I want:
wide handlebars
pink bar wrap of any brand
larger platform pedals
CX tires 35 or narrower

bianchirider13 10-26-13 09:04 PM

I am interested in the handlebars and saddles. I am in Beverly, MA. Let me know how I can get ahold of you.

chapel 10-27-13 07:13 PM

fire me a PM and I'll get you the best way to get in touch with me.

Jakedatc 10-28-13 08:29 AM

Have: Brand new Michelin Pro4 700x25 (2) i don't have enough clearance on my frame :(

want: new Michelin Pro4, Conti gatorskin or Conti 4k 700x23

bianchirider13 10-28-13 07:39 PM

I tried PM'ing you but I am too new to PM. Maybe you can PM me?

wagonfanatic 04-07-14 07:02 AM

To Trade: Reflective Strips, motion-powered bike lights (Origin 8--picked up at REI), 700 x 32-38 bike tube

If you have a great set of rims, I'm also willing to purchase something for you and have it shipped to your house (although I don't want to violate the spirit of this thread)

Wanted: Two 700 x 28 rims-- I'm looking for a solid set for my daily commuter, preferably double-walled and true

09box 09-04-14 08:49 AM

ISO: 50-54 Cyclocross bike or Bianchi Touring bike (Volpe, Tangent, Eros) or Fuji Saratoga even.

For Trade: 52 cm Bianchi Veloce 1996 model. Steel frame with 8 speed Mirage Shifters/fully Campy components.

Located in suburban Philadelphia, PA.

Coal Buster 12-29-14 08:36 AM

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I'd like to swap my Giant Defy3 in Giant sizing M/L for the same or similar road bike in medium size (~52cm). All stock except for handlebars and stem, although I have the originals. Bike is in good shape except it's a little too big for me. I'm 5'8". Face to face only. I'd like to keep my seat. Can supply other or trade with other bike.

Little Darwin 05-06-15 09:20 AM

Anyone for a frame swap.

I have a couple of vintage chromoly road frames I don't need. Nothing fancy, but should make good riders. As I recall, they are about 24" and 25" Will provide pics and specifics if anyone is interested.

I am looking for frames suitable for rail trail riders, as I have parts to build up a few more bikes as loaners. Medium size preferred, Large would be OK.

Also potentially interested in an older style girl's frame/bike. Something like the Schwinn middleweights of the 50's and 60's (Corvette, Jaguar etc) although brand is not important. Could be a modernish repop type bike as well. Should be 26" (or larger) wheels). I am looking to build a bike for a lady similar to what I rode back in the 70's... A cantilever frame with banana seat and high rise bars, kind of a grown up stingray. :)

wagonfanatic 11-17-15 10:33 PM

I just shot my Shimano RSX rear hub, looking for another one. This is on my '97 Novara Randonee DD.

Located it Boston, happy to drive to pick up or pay for shipping. Thanks!

joejack951 11-18-15 08:37 AM

Wagonfanatic, what does 'just shot my RSX rear hub' mean? What broke? In case it's relevant, I rebuilt my friend's RSX rear hub using parts from a Tiagra 4600 hub, converting it a 8/9/10 speed freehub. Cost me $20 for the complete hub from the UK which was less than the cost for just the freehub from the US. I needed the full hub because the RSX drive-side cone and seals aren't compatible with the newer freehub.

I still have the axle, freehub, and cones from that hub if that helps you at all.

WBBk_original 01-02-17 08:10 AM

New shimano ultegra 10 speed for 8 speed cassette

WBBk_original 01-02-17 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by qw1a (Post 15692435)
I can't ride a bike any more, only keeping my single speed for commuting. So, there is a whole bunch of stuff I need to get rid of, see the picture. Happy to answer any questions. Make me an offer to trade for (only thing I can think of is mountaineering/climbing/hiking gear).

Hey I'm interested I have some cool things to trade hmu 400 $ leather back pack and a new rope bag amongst other things

NewATBikeComute 06-26-17 03:05 PM

During my yard sale preparation, found 2 27" tubes, presta, Bell brand name I think. Free to anyone in Boston area if we can arrange meetup, or otherwise postage. (I work in Waltham).

Probably 2-3 years old; both still in box. One is still wrapped in plastic; other is just in box (never installed). Came from 80's Trek touring bike I sold a few years ago (520, I think).

Bbqguy 08-14-17 09:40 PM

Hi all I just got back in to beach crusiers and am needing a 26x2.125 back coaster rim

I have a extended set of beach crusier handlebars to trade not look for somebody's bent up rim

IVARR 08-15-17 04:56 AM

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made this post in the vintage / classic forum yesterday, but it should have been here instead.
49 years old, just getting back on a bike after a 15 year separation from where i belong. all alone looking at the pavement pulling a smooth cadence.
got lucky and a good friend that got something very special for free and didn't know what it was, or care about bikes at all. so he gave it to me to restart what he recognized i needed.
appx 1988 ( ??? ) vitus aluminum Cillo running sew-ups. you can't imagine how thrilled i am.

but it's missing the toe clips.
i am in desperate need to beg someone, anyone, for a set of them for a pair of shimano 600's. circa mid - late 80's

don't know what i would have to trade, but tell me what you're into ...

IMPORTANT EDIT : i've also been out of work for 16 months after losing my job of 12 years, so i don't have any cash to simply buy them from you. sorry guys.

IVARR 09-03-17 09:38 AM

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ok, sorry for the delay, here's an assortment of pics. this is stuff i have i am willing to trade out.
YES, that is a very early 80's dia compe center pull front brake the only thing i couldn't find was the adjuster for the two finger brake lever.
i think i'd rather NOT get rid of the tuff neck seat post clamp because, well, it's still pretty damned cool...

i have a early-mid 70's ralaigh grand prix i would love to build up with nuovo record campy mixed with some other stuff.
so i need everything for that, i will make a thread for my frame and intentions for it in the vintage / classic sub forum.

i like the idea of trading out with people from my region of the country.

EDIT: i am very interested in getting any and all late 1970's through mid 80's campy nuovo record parts

IVARR 09-10-17 06:42 AM

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3 specific seat pics

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