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dmann 12-04-09 01:32 AM

I got out last Sunday for a 18 mile loop before dropping the youngest off at Logan for her trip back to Miami. I've set up the trainer w/beater bike in the basement, the prime ride is still in the garage waiting for its first December outing. Maybe today after I get the Xmas tree.....hummm.

sherbornpeddler 12-04-09 03:16 PM

Can't we have a little diversity here?
My daughter is at school, got the tree and rode to Concord today.

Biking Grrrl:
1. Way to yung to worry about offspring away from home.
2. Rt126 north past Walden is alll smoooth, reallly smmoooth.

ZIPP2001 12-04-09 04:53 PM

Was able to get out and do 41 miles today, bit chilly but great to get out and roll. Rolled thru Templeton, Gardner, Westminster, Ashburnham, and Winchendon. I've got to get down to the bike shop to pick-up my new winter tights that I picked out last week.

ZIPP2001 12-11-09 03:53 PM

Nice cold and windy 24 mile ride today, man the wind made me work hard. I did an old 12 mile TT route on rte. 140 twice for a fun winter workout.

sherbornpeddler 12-13-09 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by ZIPP2001 (Post 10134583)
Nice cold and windy 24 mile ride today, man the wind made me work hard. I did an old 12 mile TT route on rte. 140 twice for a fun winter workout.

Zipp, you are inspirational. I went for a ride on my enclosed recumbent and was much more comfortable than I anticipated. I think our warm weather dropping off to winter so quickly threw me. Thanks for leading by example.

jbmadtown 12-13-09 07:58 PM

+1, nice work Zipp. I've kept at my commutes from Forest Hills to Kenmore, but nothing of any distance over 5 or 6 miles at a time. Tonight's rain wasn't bad at all- it was warm enough. Studs are going on the commuter bike this weekend! This will be my 1st winter riding in Boston, are paths (emerald necklace, SW corridor, Charles River) ever plowed?

ZIPP2001 12-18-09 04:56 PM

When I got out of work this morning it was 2 degrees, I ate some breakfast then got dressed to tackle the roads. I ended up doing my winter Sterling loop for 28 miles, then took a nice hot shower and had some nice hot soup. Now i'm nice and tired and headed out to visit some friends, I will sleep great tonight. Hope to get out before the snow fly's Saturday. Hey SBP we've got to try and get a ride in next spring. jbmadtown I always wanted to roll the streets around Boston if your interested in doing a tour of the city by bike after winter give me a yell.

ZIPP2001 12-23-09 03:22 PM

Another nice warm ride. I just couldn't get the legs loose today, they felt heavy the whole ride. I did a 23 mile climbing route that I like to hit on a regular basis. I haven't checked out the weather for Thursday, but if it's not wet we'll try to hit the road again hopefully with lighter legs.

sherbornpeddler 12-24-09 12:24 PM

Zipp, you do us proud. Keep prodding us with your good example.

I wish all our Metro West riders happy, safe holidays!

ZIPP2001 12-25-09 09:06 PM

Hey SBP i'm just trying not to gain weight this winter, like I did last year. I'm just not good at getting motivated when it comes to indoor riding. I gave my rollers away a few years ago because they collected more dust than anything. I did get out today for a nice 35 mile ride to my inlaws for XMAS dinner, the weather was pretty good and the legs were in a better mood to climb today.

sherbornpeddler 01-01-10 10:40 AM

Good for you for your Christmas ride.
I'm a wimp when it comes to fear of ice so I'm setting up my Tacx trainer. Today or tomorrow, I'll ride up to Carlisle on planet Google Earth.

Too late; I'm right back where I was last January 1 winter weight-wise so year here I go again.

ZIPP2001 01-08-10 02:31 PM

Hey SBP how was your Carlisle ride on planet Google Earth ?

I was able to get out on a nice wet 20 mile ride today. Got home from work this morning and took the wife out for breakfast and some shopping, then got home and rolled out for a ride. It was nice to have some sunshine for a bit. Most likely will do the same ride Saturday if nothing comes up.

sherbornpeddler 01-09-10 03:15 PM

Good of you to ask.
I crashed. Carlisle karma.
It was horrible.
I was only 14 miles or so in, averaging about 220 watts, colors and pixels were fine and slam!
The earth went blank! I didn't slip on black ice or get wacked from behind. It wasn't a pothole or slipping of the edge of the pavement on a snow covered road.

I rebooted and all was well. Something to do with Google Earth. I got side tracked and loaded "Training with Lampre" instead.

Maybe I should switch to a studded winter ?

bikinggrrrl 01-11-10 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by sherbornpeddler (Post 10247609)
I crashed. Carlisle karma.


You wintery outdoors cyclists are my heros! I'll see you out on the roads come springtime.

Pedal Dancer 01-11-10 09:57 AM


You wintery outdoors cyclists are my heros! I'll see you out on the roads come springtime.

+1. I need a trainer.

jbmadtown 01-11-10 08:29 PM

haha. Speaking of winter weight gain... I'm up 5 lbs already. I Got back on the commute wagon today after a long and indulgent vacation. The legs felt surprisingly good and I remembered to wear my sunglasses with clear lenses- which really help me keep my eyes open in the cold mornings! Otherwise I was actually overdressed.

ZIPP2001 01-16-10 08:26 PM

Another wet and dirty ride, but it was great to get out on the road. I did 32 miles on my Sterling loop now I've got to get down stairs and clean the bike. It was great to see another rider out there on rte. 12 in Sterling.

sherbornpeddler 01-17-10 05:46 AM

How could we not ride yesterday? It was cold at 7AM when I put my new rear on the bike and rinse the chain with my exoctic chain lube (pre-massaged by 4000 miles of Ford engine). I stopped in Franklin to take off my sweater on route to a Diamond Hill-Burnt Swamp 37 mile loop.

The roads are clean, only one spot of sandy ice after the Pawtucket Resevoir. We bumped into another rider and spoke of very active groups out of Foxboro and Franklin. FYI, sounds like a group is riding from Grace in Holliston at 9AM today.

What a great day; easy pace; a few pushes but chose the route around Big Apple Hill. I wouldn't say Spring is coming but the days are longer.

dmann 01-22-10 10:29 PM

I'm in Lancaster, your "loop" is part of my Redstone Hill/Maple st/Newell Hill. ...(a ball gag might be better) loop. Most of my rides are tasked in the Bolton - Berlin - Clinton venue, I just can't justify risking all for the polar ride inspite of pathetic the trainer in the cellar is! How and why do you thrive come December? Are you related or associated with Paul M. from Stand's ?

ZIPP2001 01-24-10 12:46 PM

Hey dmann ! I ride out in your area all the time. I was able to do 32 miles on my Sterling loop Saturday and I just finished a short 20 mile ride today. I don't know Paul M. from Stand's. Your more than welcome to join me on my Sterling loop for as many loops as you want to ride. Once winter is over I ride a lot on rte. 12 toward Worcester airport to rte. 70 into Clinton and Lancaster, we should try to get together for a ride ?

sherbornpeddler 01-26-10 08:38 PM

East of you guys I loved the weather today and rode 37 miles ofd good ole Stawberry Hill, Dover, Westwood and Sherborn. Grundged up derailluers, rubber banded fenders and chain slip I still had a great time. Roads were washed of most sand, no ice in the melt off.

After cleaning up my bike I needed a new shift cable, cable sheath was crushed over by the side pull brake and both chain and cluster replacement overdue. I stopped by LBS just before closing time for parts and we talked carbon vs, aluminum, Tacx trainers, new directional chains, are Dura Ace deralluers cable screw heli-coiled and of the interesting characters in the bicycling community.

After a long winter's nap, ain't biking grand?

ZIPP2001 01-31-10 01:49 PM

I got out for a frozen 20 miles today, my cannondale now looks white from all the salt. My legs never got loose, my upper thighs couldn't get going the whole ride. It was still great to get out and roll, let's see what next weekend brings.

sherbornpeddler 02-06-10 11:22 PM

late night before an early very cold ride. I think it will be below my limit. The forecast is for 15F. My LBS proposes a 2.5 hour ride and my inddor trainer is now linked to Google Earth and Alp'dHuez. Pretty tempting.

ZIPP2001 02-07-10 03:54 PM

Hey SBP, Let me know how the Alp'dHuez climb is, that is my dream vacation. My daughter knows that when I pass away to put my ashes in my bike frame and ride up Alp'dHuez and throw me off the top. Oh by the way I got out for 20 miles today, fighting a chest cold right now so it wasn't an easy ride.

sherbornpeddler 02-08-10 10:31 AM

Good to hear from you. Speedy recovery from your cold. I chickened out and rode indoors avatar style with a friend who has the same indoor trainer rig.

If ____, _______ and _______all line up, I too would like to ride the real Alpe d Huez then Ventoux. Don't stuff me in a seat tube just yet but last year I failed an attempt to ride Greylock and Wachusett.

My virtual version including cramped room, small screen, fan, tire noise and my grunts and groans isn't quite as slick as

I do look forward to spinning outdoors: exercise, air, scenery and time to contemplate like....

what if my kids put my ashes in a seat tube? What if they rode Alpe D Huez, forgot and there I stayed until someone decided to convert the bike to a single speed urban machine. Wouldn't ashes get in the bottom bracket? Do I really want to be lodged in bearing grease?
I gotta get out.

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