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ZIPP2001 02-13-10 05:36 PM

What a nice day out today, I hope others were able to get out on the roads today. I drove out to Worcester to Worcester State to do some hill work. I climbed all 3 routes up to the airport then to finish my ride off I did a thigh screaming sprint up George street. I ended up with 34 miles with just a tad over 14 miles being climbing. Can't wait to roll out Sunday, going to try to hit some hills in Fitchburg.

ZIPP2001 02-14-10 02:16 PM

Hey I saw 2 other riders today on my ride, both going the other way. Today was tougher than yesterday, colder and winder than what I expected. I was able to get out for 25 miles, can't wait for spring.

mtalinm 02-14-10 08:50 PM

I commuted 10 miles each way from needham to e. cambridge. lovely weather.

ZIPP2001 02-16-10 07:17 AM

If anyone is interested i'm doing my Sterling loop this Saturday, I might be out there Friday afternoon also. I plan on starting around 11:00 - 11:30 Saturday and not sure how many loops, would be flexible with time and loops if someone wants to join me.

ZIPP2001 02-20-10 03:15 PM

I decided to do my Wachusett Res. ride out of Leominster today. I was able to roll out 36 miles, the weather was great and I saw 6 other riders out on the road today. After the ride I treated my car and bike to a washing at the car wash.

sherbornpeddler 02-21-10 05:43 PM

wish I could have joined some of the rides but I was happy to get good old 37 mile Strawberry Hill loop in. Just over 16 mph, it felt faster and I felt fatter. It was great to get out and not a moment too soon.

ZIPP2001 02-22-10 02:33 PM

Hey SBP !

I always feel fatter this time of year, although I have done a better job at not gaining as much weight this year as last. I did put on a little lighter wheel set for the last 3 rides, but didn't change out my cassette and am running 11-21, so it's still making me work a little harder. Looks like a bunch of bad weather coming in over the next few days, the only good thing is it doesn't stay to long. Can't wait for spring.

mtalinm 02-27-10 10:26 AM

shockingly nice Friday after the downpours on Thursday. met up with the RozzieBikes crowd at 7:30 and was at work an hour later

sherbornpeddler 03-01-10 07:21 AM

We are catching damp glimpses of Spring. I've been on my trainer, not as much as planned, heavier than planned but same old pleasure when I get out on the real road. Unlike myself, most roads are in great shape. The bridge over the Concord is re-opened although I rode around it out of habit. I rode to Carlisle yesterday, carefully forded one flooded road and stayed clear of Sudbury-Wayland River Rd and Water Row.

Zipp, How do you manage with a 11-21 on your hills? I'm impressed!

ZIPP2001 03-06-10 03:49 PM

Nice small 25 mile ride thru Leominster, Sterling, Clinton, and Lancaster. Been nursing a sore back the last couple of weeks so it was great to get out and roll a little. Let's see what Sunday is like.

Timber_8 03-07-10 04:48 AM

I was getting ready to go out yesterday & foolishly put my head through one of those energy saver light bulbs in my attic & gave myself a nice gash. My wife wouldn't let me go ride so I hope today is as nice as yesterday. I'm going anyway regardless

sherbornpeddler 03-07-10 11:04 AM

Timber, Duck under those bulbs!
Zipp, How come you cranks hills on icy roads and now that it is warm you tweak your back?

It is cold and miserable; looks like sleet. Take a day or two to heal. I've been "healing" most of the winter.
If I go bike now and brave the miserable weather (55F, sunny) I might be able to duck yard work.

ZIPP2001 03-07-10 04:02 PM

SBP I tweaked my back at work and just haven't been able to get it loose. Althought I have no pain when i'm on my bike, it's just getting on it when it sore that is hard. I did go out for a harder 27 mile ride today and am working on keeping it loose with different stretching. What a great weekend, can't wait to see more of them. I hope you ducked the yard work and rode today.

JandersUF 03-07-10 04:47 PM

First non-commute ride of the year today... 42 miles of beauty.

ortcutt 03-07-10 04:53 PM

30 miles: "Beyond the Minuteman" pocket ride from Cambridge (via Arlington Ctr) to Silver Hill Road and back. First time on my fast road bike in 6 1/2 months. The way out was brutal: uphill into a stiff headwind. Ah, but the return trip. :D

sherbornpeddler 03-07-10 05:52 PM

Return trips and 42 miles of non commute beauty are what we live for....
....and as Zipp suspects, in my case, ducking yard work.
I went 66 miles to Carlisle, first time over the new bridge down stream of THE Concord Bridge. It was a little too far for me so early and I was dragging at the end. The last 25 miles I didn't run any red or yellow lights and the last ten miles stopped at cross walks. If this key board were 1 cm higher you'd be spared this drivel.
Anyway, cheers to all of us who got out on such a terriffic weekend!

bikinggrrrl 03-08-10 06:39 AM

Nice weekend for riding. Got out both days on tandem pulling precious cargo (sound asleep). Short rides around Bedford, Concord, Carlisle but it was glorious!

Timber_8 03-09-10 04:11 AM

Well I lost out this past weekend riding, That nice gash in my head kept me off the bike. My wife was concerned my helmet would keep irritating it and I start commuting next week & I want it nice & healed be then

ZIPP2001 03-09-10 08:50 AM

Hope you heal quickly Timber, will you be commuting back and forth to work ?

Timber_8 03-09-10 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by ZIPP2001 (Post 10500517)
Hope you heal quickly Timber, will you be commuting back and forth to work ?

Thank You, Yes my commute to work is 15 miles each way 4 days a week. I am actually using my commute as training for a ride from Boston to Ptown in June. Last year was my 1st year commuting.

Timber_8 03-14-10 06:00 AM

Quite the storm this weekend, I was going to kick off my commuting season on Monday but I will wait till Tuesday after the storm passes. It should be a great week and perfect temps. This storm should rinse the roads down good and wash much of the winter crud away. The gash on my head has nicely healed so I am anxious to get started.

ZIPP2001 03-14-10 11:55 AM

Can't wait for the weekend to end, should be clearing out by Tuesday. I start a new job Monday and can't wait to ride after work. I'll be working in the city where I first starting cycling in the 80's, and I will be able to do some old routes. I'll use the winter bike for a few more weeks then send it off to my nephew who wants to try cycling.

Timber_8 03-14-10 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by ZIPP2001 (Post 10524334)
Can't wait for the weekend to end, should be clearing out by Tuesday. I start a new job Monday and can't wait to ride after work. I'll be working in the city where I first starting cycling in the 80's, and I will be able to do some old routes. I'll use the winter bike for a few more weeks then send it off to my nephew who wants to try cycling.

Congratulations on the new job. I wish you the very best. What is you occupation if you don't mind me asking

ZIPP2001 03-16-10 06:18 PM

Thanks Timber 8, I picked up a Stockroom Clerks job while I decide what I want to do and also get some insurance coverage that I didn't have to pay for fully myself. I have owned two other businesses and presently own an online Christian Jerelery company that I am rebuiling my web site right now. I have an investor that I met over a year ago that has talked to me several times in the last month about starting a new business based on a concept I put together two years ago. I also have the opportunity to purchase my first business back from the second owner since I sold it at a very low price because it has now been closed for two years now, and the person who bought it at action now doesn't want to open it after he completely renovated the inside of the building. I just don't know if I want to start another business right now, owning my own businesses really took away from my cycling and I missed that very much. I just want to enjoy getting out and riding as much as possible again this season and see where life leads me.
Do you ride into Boston at all ? I'm going to spend a Saturday sometime later this year just riding around the city if your interested in joining me. My wife and I spend alot on time walking around Boston in the summer, we've thought about moving closer but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

dmann 03-16-10 09:58 PM

Finally out of the basement, off the trainer and into the muck! Took the good bike out for about an hour and 15 miles, looped through Berlin into Bolton and back to Lancaster, lots of water and debris in the roads and some epic flooding along Rte 110 heading toward Clinton with many roads that cross the Nashua river still closed. The bike is a mess but what the hey, it felt great :D I think I'll try to squeeze in another ride tomorrow afternoon before I head into work.

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