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guy2600 03-25-10 12:37 PM

Eastern Mass vicinity- good place for repeated hill climbs?
Wachusett Mt doesn't open for a while, looking for a good place/section of hills for repeated hill climbs- I live in metro west. Any suggestions?

ZIPP2001 03-25-10 04:38 PM

I like to do the three different climbs out at Worcester Airport, you can pick either of those climb's to do repeats. I like them because each one is different, and it is a great way to fine tune your climbing tech. I live out in Winchendon and have several closer climbs that I use when I don't go into Worcester.

duffetta 03-25-10 07:20 PM

Originally Posted by guy2600 (Post 10576410)
Wachusett Mt doesn't open for a while, looking for a good place/section of hills for repeated hill climbs- I live in metro west. Any suggestions?

In Waltham on Winter St. just west of 128 is a set of office parks. There is a good place that I used to do hill repeats running when I was training for marathons. The uphill portion is about 1/2 mile. Might be shorter than you want on a bike. Perfect for running. Have a look at

In Brookline, Summit Ave starting on Beacon Street in just west of Coolidge Corner is a wicked hill. Straight up. I live near there and do some hill repeats there as well. I've never ridden my bike up it though. Again, only about 1/2 mile, but it is STEEP.

Last one. There is a set of hill repeats that you can do on Beacon hill. It is sometimes referred to as "The Beacon Hell". Again, mostly for runners, but if you start at Cambridge St. and Hancock St. Ascending and decending each street and working your way west and then south, there are about 13 ascents and descents that you can do without repeating a street. Again, really good hill workout for runners. These streets can get busy, so we normally run these early morning.

Good luck.

Timber_8 03-26-10 07:03 AM

Blue Hills is the 1st thing that comes to my mind in the Canton/Milton area

ldesfor1@ithaca 03-26-10 08:27 AM

longest/best: blue hills access road in Milton. 6 minutes @ 4.5 w/kg. steep and interesting. crazy descent.

I am in metro west and like:

Summit Ave in brookline. 2.5 minutes @ 4.5 w/kg. 9% average and super consisitent, super local.

The backside climb of Prospect park hill in Waltham

sherbornpeddler 03-26-10 08:00 PM

Almost any road in to Hopkington from the north, east or south offers pretty good hill work then continue in the direction of Zipp's turf and Upton and Grafton are nice. If you laugh at those hills, go see Zipp.

Closer in, less altitude, a little more rolling and a tad loopy is a route from Dover Center to Strawberry Hill/WilsondaleSummer south to Rt 109W in Westwood, north on Dover Rd/Powisett/Walpole back to Dover Center then Centre/Pine to Medfield back up Centre or over Farm and Springdale to...Dover Center.

Gather around, lean on your helmets and I'll tell you a story about Baie St. Paul in Quebec. A 22, a couple of 21s and several 18 percent hills, most 3 or 4 kilometers. In truth the 22 is only 1 kilometer. Most cyclists were mildly concerned about tipping over before they could unclip on the way up but really fear on the downhill side that if they tried braking, they'd over heat their rim and blow out the inner tube.

When it comes to hills, bicycling is special.

Probably ought to be another thread but anyone ever wonder why it is that snow was deeper, we'd walk to school further, kites flew higher, even floods were deeper but as I get older I can see plain as day, hills get steeper?

donrhummy 04-03-10 01:18 PM

The Belmont-Cambridge line has a fantastic short hill. it's only about 3/4 of a mile long but it averages 6.5% and has an 11% section at the beginning. Great for hill repeats:

See map/elevation/route:

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