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dcvelo 04-09-10 11:18 AM

Hit and run on Capitol Crescent Trail
My friend's email below says it all. Most of our local racers are pretty responsible guys, so I'm not sure that characterization is correct. Otherwise...

If anyone knows anything more about this I'd like to hear it...

"It was one of those racers. Actually, I didn't see the guy and
although someone chased after him on bike, after careening into the
guard rail, he got away. Must have had lots of adrenalin pumping.

It was just west of Little Falls Parkway, where lots of people were
out strolling to take in the cherry blossoms in Kenwood, I think. I
was taking my time because of the crowd there. This guy passed me but
cut back in front of me too soon (because there were people to avoid
coming toward him) and caught my front wheel. Seeing as it was
Bethesda, one of the many people who stopped to help was a retired
doctor. The rest of me is OK (my helmet cracked from hitting the
pavement!), so I just sat on a bench for awhile. George came and got
me and my bike and we went to Suburban Hospital. The bone is all more
or less in place, with a little chunk broken off, but still in
approximately the right place, so I just have a sling and wrap thing.
6 wks. sigh."

neilfein 04-09-10 11:39 AM

That sucks. Did he file a police report?

dcvelo 04-10-10 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by neilfein (Post 10647133)
That sucks. Did he file a police report?

Not sure if she did or not...

tulip 04-22-10 12:55 PM

While "most" of the racers in DC may be responsible, there are quite a few who are not and who should not be riding on the Multi-Use Paths--CCT or MVT or WO&D. Unfortunately, they give the rest of us a very bad reputation. I hope your friend is okay.

Road Rage 04-23-10 08:21 PM

I was walking on the Key Bridge a week ago, on the right moving towards Arlington, and coming up on that spot at the end of the bridge where the pine branch is hanging low. Some guy was riding about 15 mph and smacked my left hand along the knuckles with his bars on his way by.

The Key Bridge is a great place to watch the difference between responsible and irresponsible D.C. riders.

WackyBanana 06-30-11 01:26 PM

Oops. Ignore.

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