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KPH 07-24-10 08:17 PM

Climbs accessible to Boston - not by car
Hey - title kinda says it all. I'm pretty accomplished with centuries in the area and do my best with weekly hills intervals, but I'd really just like something that's up-and-up-and-up-and...up. I was looking over the course for this past weekend's Tour of the Hilltowns and immediately locked into the climb stage on the race profile and was so jealous. Alas, I'm "car free" and getting out to the Pioneer Valley presents a challenge. Is there anything east of Worcester that folks can recommend? I do a lot of riding up hills in the area, quickly descend, repeat x whatever for the intervals, but that's not a proper substitute.

My ideal would be something I could take a commuter rail to, ride for 20-30 miles, and then rock out. Any recommendations?

yak 07-26-10 08:54 AM

Not sure where exactly you are, but the Blue Hills Observatory has a nice access road climb that many use for hill repeats.

KPH 08-04-10 12:00 AM

Yep, done that a bit, but thanks! I do (lots and lots of) repeats up to Larz Anderson Park from JP Pond for interval workouts, but just've never found something like a big ole hill...

Ultimately, looks like it doesn't matter as I just found out I'm moving to Berkeley next month. Rather sudden. But I'm psyched for Mt. Diablo and the like.

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