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chanamagoo 09-23-11 08:52 PM

Bike stolen. No bueno. =o(
So it was bound to happen, but I had hoped that it wouldn't happen for some time! They got through the u-lock and the cable, the jerks. On the plus side, someone please PLEASE tell me that I've fulfilled my bike-being-stolen quota for my life...?

It's a yellow, black and white Jamis Coda from about 2004 or 2005...if anyone catches sight of it in NYC or surrounding areas (it will most likely will be in Brooklyn, it was stolen in the Park Slope area), um...well I don't really know what you would do, but you know, just thought I'd put the description out there, just in case.

I'm in heavy mourning right now...not only was I in love with my bike, but finally, after 2 months of riding continuously, I was really JUST hitting my bike commuting stride....I got a biathlon under my belt, I'm logging more miles, and i literally just poured all this money into getting the bike the way I road tires to replace the hybrids, toe clips, drop bars with new shifters, a smaller cassette, and I took all the quick release crap off and replaced it with stuff that you need a special key to unscrew....I mean, they're pretty basic upgrades, but all that stuff adds up...

I do have a sister has a Jamis bike she never uses and just offered to ship it to me next month and if it's a good fit, I'll upgrade hers to where mine was...but if that doesn't work out, my LBS specializes in collaborative builds....I'm going to pull funds from as many places as I can and see what I come up with, then they'll help me find what I'm looking for, or, more accurately, help me pinpoint what to look for, since I basically know nothing about bikes that don't already come built, then theyll help me put it together...I'm going to be building the bike myself in their shop and they're going to help me do it! I specifically asked if someone who was a complete beginner could do it and they were really encouraging about it, so I feel good about this plan. I had not planned to drop money on a new bike until next year (I had a jar! $.50 per mile biked/run! So anticlimactic breaking it open after 3 weeks...), but I think this will be a really good way for me to learn learn learn!

Anyways...anyone have any "feel better" or "keep your chin up" things they could pass along? Words of encouragement for a first time bike builder?

hadeone 09-24-11 10:55 AM

Sorry to hear that another bike was stolen. It happened to me last month as well. It sucks but the best way to get over it is to get on another bike and keep riding.

Post a picture if you have one. It might help but realistically the probability of you seeing that bike again is very low.

Building a bike isn't that hard especially if you're under the supervision of experienced bike people.
Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. You have a lot of resources on this forum, along with youtube videos should give you an idea of how to do it.

Think of it as a chance to try something new. Yes your bike was stolen, but now you get to start over and build yourself a nicer bike.

GRVR6 09-26-11 07:51 AM

Keep checking Craigs List. My sons bike was stolen, and then sold on Craigs List.

2manybikes 09-26-11 08:01 AM

Sorry to hear about your bike, that stinks.

Just wondering, did you take off your front wheel, and put it next to the back wheel, and use the U lock around the frame both wheels and one crank arm if you have room, the way Kryptonite tells you to? It is filling the open part of the lock so it's harder to get something in the space inside the lock? If not and you're interested, the Kryptonite web site shows the best way to lock up. Sorry about the bike again anyway. I hope you find another good one.

chanamagoo 10-06-11 09:10 PM

How did I not see these responses until now...

2manybikes, I replaced all the quick releases with things that you need a special key to open - I had my bike locked the Sheldon Brown way (with the U-lock on the back wheel, frame, and rack and a cable running through the front wheel, frame and rack, then attached to the U-lock). Should I be locking both wheels of my new bike together even if there are no quick releases on it?

I have been checking craigslist and ebay periodically...GRVR6, when you (or your son) saw the bike on craigslist, what did you do?

hadeone, my LBS is great and I love them...and even better, they just moved two blocks away from my apt. If you're in Park Slope, definitely check out 718cyclery on 5th and Union. They are helping me get things set up, but I will no doubt be using these forums as a resource! One day I'll build a bike all by myself...then I'll know I've made it!

My friend gave me her old cruiser to ride...Ive never ridden a cruiser before and it was SO very different...I rode with her into Manhattan because she was nervous about bike commuting and I felt like I was going to die going over the Manhattan bridge. And I know there are no slow bikes, only slow riders, but DAMN. That cruiser was slow...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Cyclomania 10-06-11 09:17 PM

So sorry!

Sounds like you did everything right except own an incredibly valuable bike! I recommend a cheaper bike and less pretty that has multiple gears! I just don't know really what to recommend since I've never lived in NYC. Good luck! Hope someone finds your bike!

Don't let those losers steal your love for cycling!

catmandew52 10-06-11 09:24 PM

Tough luck.:cry:
Do you have the serial number recorded somewhere? Did you report it stolen? If you do see it, the PD will want proof that it was yours.

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