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JandersUF 10-05-11 11:44 AM

Anyone ride up Wachusetts recently?

I think I might take a stab at it tomorrow. It would be a bit long for me to do solo (probably 110mi total), but if I wake up in a psychotic state I might try. Otherwise I might drive part of the way out to make it more like a 40-70 mile loop. Anyone know a good free parking lot to use for such a purpose?

fatdad 10-05-11 04:03 PM

Try this route....

Also, the road to the top is still closed and under construction, you can go as far as the visitor's center.

It's a somewhat hilly route but very pretty, especially if the leaves have begun to turn.

godshammgod 10-05-11 06:53 PM

Echoing what fatdad said. The road to the top is still closed. I rode up to the visitors center back on Labor Day, which is still a nice little climb.

If you're looking for a fun loop, you can start at the Wachusett Reservoir, take Route 110 to Route 12 into Sterling (near the airport), then take Route 140 all the way to Wachusett Mountain. After descending off the mountain you take Route 31 back to 62, which should get you in the area of the Reservoir. This is a very rough description of my Labor Day ride. Sorry I don't have a cue sheet.

JandersUF 10-06-11 05:44 PM

Thanks for the info guys. Since the road to the top is closed, I aborted the trip all the way there, and instead did a slow and hilly ride just west of 495 near sterling. Boy do I hate hills. But it was gorgeous out.

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