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rumrunn6 11-16-12 10:10 AM

Cape Cod Rail Trail day after Thanksgiving or Saturday depending on weather
haven't gotten the new bike out for a big run at this trail and surrounding areas. it's always very pleasant to cruze the area in the fall, though melancholy when deserted. How’s the trail looking these days, clean? Covered in leaves and branches from Sandy?

mprelaw 11-16-12 12:35 PM

I haven't seen the CCRT. I can tell you that the Falmouth trail was buried in downed leaves and branches after Sandy (they never seem to sweep the leaves any time), and was closed for the last one and a half miles due it and the shoreline road being buried in sand. I'm sure the road has been cleared, but YMMV on the trail. Dry leaves aren't that big a deal, unless they're hiding crap that will flat you. We've also had almost 10 days now of fairly strong NE winds, both from the noreaster and since, so I would guess that whatever leaves Sandy left up have come down for the most part.

It's going to be a heavy traffic weekend, too, if you opt for the roads. One option would be to park at the National Seashore visitor center in Eastham and wend your way along the side roads up to Truro, if riding on the shoulder of Rte 6 makes you uncomfortable. It's a nice wide shoulder most of the way, but you always have to be alert for a right hook from some clueless driver.

rumrunn6 11-16-12 01:35 PM

OK, thanks for insight. yeah, I like the parking lot at east National Seashore, year 'round bathrooms plus access to the back roads avvoiding route 6 to Coast Guard beach then up to Nauset then out to the trail for a little bit til I can get ocean view drive to white crest then out past great pond and cross 6 to wellfleet center out past chequesst neck to duck harbor, but not as many miles as if I can start in s dennis, ya know?

rumrunn6 11-17-13 11:00 AM

to the best of my memory I didn't make it out last fall, but I did just yesterday. this time of year it is best to do a round trip starting wheels in motion by 12 Noon the latest

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