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youngbeginner 07-07-13 03:05 PM

You should take the Eastern Trail in the beginning, as it is very scenic and nice and flat. It will take you down to west kennebunk (near where I live) and will take you to many possible choices and nice backroads with very smooth pavement and very few cars. One of these roads is branch road, and over the summer I biked the whole road without seeing 1 car. But don't plan on seeing many people anyway, because a lot of the coastal towns are summer towns and are only busy during the actual summer though. Well, I hope this helped, and you can just PM me or reply if you have any more questions about maine or about new york (where I live during the school year).

indyfabz 07-07-13 05:48 PM

FYI. THE last section of the GAP trail is now open. So...Another option is you take the ACA Atlantic Coat Route would be to take that to Conshocken, PA and then connect with PA Bike Route S. Take that to Bedford, PA and then head south on U.S. 220 to Cumberland, MD to pick up the GAP. From Pittsburgh, make you way west to meet up with ACA's Underground Railroad route, which will take you to the Trans Am.

So many options.

perspiration 07-08-13 11:33 AM

I know I need to get to VA to meet up with a buddy, and was planning on doing most if not all of the Blue Ridge Parkway from there. that seems like the kind of ride I shouldn't miss on this trip!

indyfabz 07-12-13 11:29 AM

Ah. Forgot you need to get to VA.

BTW...Make sure you check campground availability. Some may not open for the seaon until May. For example, the place on the Atlantic Coast route in NJ, just south of Port Jervis, NY, doesn't usually open until then. I think it was around May 7 this year. Riding through the Delaware Water Gap is really sweet, especially during the week early in thr spring. Hardly any traffic.

perspiration 07-15-13 07:17 AM

I was planning on doing a fair amount of stealth camping and warmshowers! Do you know what the stealth camp situation looks like around there?

indyfabz 07-19-13 08:35 AM

There are some stealth camping opportunities in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and in Worthington State Forest, which Old Mine Rd. passes through, but you had better hang your food . There are a good number of bears in the area. Worthington has a campground that is open year-round. It's $25/night for out of state residents. One fo the group sites has a bear locker.

South of there, you might be able to get away with camping along the D&R canal trail that runs along Rte. 29 south of Frenchtown. The trail is heavily used, however, so you might not want to pitch a tent until dark. Also, without full foliage growth that time of year, you will be visible from the trail. I don't think the rangers patrol the trail at night. No budget for that.

Dog Wood Haven campground is across the river from Milford, NJ. Don't know when their season starts, but the owner, Mark, is very nice. He has charged me $15 both times I have stayed there. South of New Hope, PA, stealth camping options ar every limited as most of the land is developed. I know some places on the Schuykill River Trail near Conshohocken.

perspiration 12-07-13 04:26 PM

Ok guys, I'm back to necro my old thread as the date is getting closer and I really need to get details down. Still working on the "getting out there" part.

Here's the current plan I have:

Take the 448 Lake Shore Limited Amtrak from Chicago to the South Shore Boston station, arriving at 9pm.
Spend the night at a friend's, or find a hostel or some such, leaving my bike at the Amtrak station (I hear they let you keep it there 24h, details needed)
Take the Concord Coach from Boston to Bangor, ME the next morning.
Once in Bangor, take the shuttle to Bar Harbor, where I'll start the TransAm Atlantic Route and head westward. Shuttle site:

how's this look? Total price will be about $200, I believe.
(double posted this in another thread)

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