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FrederickH 08-18-13 08:44 AM

Riding partners for Montauk, LI for September????
My daughter is getting married at Montauk on Sept. 8 and my wife and I will be arriving there on Sept. 4 and staying until Sept. 11. I want to take my road bike and ride as much as possible. My riding pace is at a A/B level. Can anyone here show/suggest to me some good roads that I can ride on? TIA

Steve B. 08-18-13 12:32 PM

It's a point, so not many road choices, but generally Montauk Hwy (State Rt 27), the main east-west road is a good cycling route in any direction, from Montauk Point west. A side trip is Old West Lake Shore Rd. up to Montauk Harbor, then Flamingo/Edgemere back to town. Then west for as far as you desire.

One loop from the traffic circle (center of "downtown" Montauk) out to the point, then back to Old West Lakeshore, up to the harbor, down Edgemere to town, west on the "new" Montauk Hwy" (Rt27) to Hither Hills State Park, then back to town via "Old" Montauk Hwy (it's closer to the water), would be 24 miles.

If you wanted to extend, continue west on MH to Napeaque Rd, then it becomes Cranberry Hole, then back onto MH in Amagansett, and east and back to town, with a turn at Hither Hills onto Old MH. That's 35 miles. Or in Amagansett, continue west on MH/Rt27 to wherever you want to turn around.

Look online for a GPS log/map of the "Tour of the Hamptons". That's the big organized done out here in late Sept. Assorted routes from Southampton, including the century that goes to the point and back.

Once you hit the Amagansett, there's ton's of roads north of Rt 27, as well as few quiet roads south of 27 as well, some of those dead-end at the beach.

MapMyRides has some info. here:


FrederickH 08-19-13 06:05 PM

Thanks. That's perfect.

dendawg 08-19-13 10:43 PM

Definitely make the ride to the point and the lighthouse. You can explore most of the roads and the riding is great. Get down to see the beaches as well. Ride to Ditch Plains, have breakfast at the DItch Witch (a food truck at the beach) if its open and watch the surfers. I've done the Wounded Warriors Soldiers Ride a few times. Here's a link to their cue sheet, though you'd have to adjust it for starting and ending in Montauk. Oh, and there are hills in Montauk.

FrederickH 09-16-13 11:48 AM

Wedding at Montauck.
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Again, thanks to the members of the forum for advice on cycling routes in and around Montauck, LI. I spent 7 days there, based around the wedding of my daughter, and can say that there are indeed hills. Of the 7 days there, I got in 6 riding days and had a wonderful time cycling around the area. My rides averaged from 18-24 miles with 480- 750 feet of climbing, and winds of 20-25 mph each ride.

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