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theBored 08-18-13 09:06 PM

Boston shop for LOW-END parts
Hi there, new user here. I am trying to keep my old walmart Roadmaster bike alive (had it for almost 10 years), and need a few low-end parts. My stress on LOW-END is so that I don't cry too much if the bike gets stolen plus the more expensive stuff probably wouldn't fit anyway. I could order them from Niagara Cycle, but I would prefer to pay a bit more at a local store instead of paying for shipping and waiting 2 weeks for the order to arrive. Are there any local stores in the Boston area that carry low-end parts (ex. one-piece bottom bracket sets, Tourney or lower derailers, etc.) at reasonable prices?

Thanks for your help!

Leebo 08-30-13 08:26 AM

Bikes not bombs in JP.

randomgear 08-31-13 03:33 AM

+1 for B not B!
Take a look in their used parts bins and ask if they have more parts in the back if you don't see it in the bins.

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