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WillynHook 08-20-13 10:14 AM

Pedal Thru the Park (Salisbury MD) - Every Tuesday
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Weekly community bicycle rides focusing on the Salisbury City Park. The objects for the rides are to increase awareness
both between motorist and cyclist, confident city cycling and joy in the heart and soul.

More information available here: bike-SBY

Dr. Joe

ShoreCyclist 08-20-13 10:47 AM

I probably won't be down for the slow ride in the park, but am interested in the upcoming swap meet. Did you attend the first one? If so, how was it?

WillynHook 08-26-13 11:14 AM

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The spring Bike Swap at EVO was great. I not only did the ride after the swap I participated in the swap with many bikes and parts.

You should come on down!

Dr. Joe

ShoreCyclist 08-27-13 09:19 AM

Looks like fun. I'll definitely be there this time around. Hope to see you there.

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