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bikenh 08-24-13 04:47 PM

NY23 west of Catskill/Hudson
Is it limited access/off limits to bike or not. Trying to figure out if I need to reroute the ride I'm about to go on before I leave home and I see it's four lane and parts of it around Catskill looks like its exchange access only. I see looking on Google Earth further west is still 4 lane and not sure if from 145 to the Hudson River is all off limits or not. I don't mind the traffic but I do like to keep it legal. I know it looks like part of it can be ridden on Main St, up to the north of NY23 but west of there is still 4 lane. What's the story if anyone on here knows.

cleansheet 08-24-13 06:16 PM

I don't believe it is limited access. Out toward Windham its not, there are Strava segments for it

zacster 08-24-13 08:04 PM

It is limited access at least through Cairo and beyond. I wouldn't ride it.

Jay H 08-26-13 05:44 AM

Stay off the NYS Thruway (I-87)... West of the thruway, Rt 23 snakes it way up and around the Escarpment trail and is 2 lanes each way... Not a huge shoulder and highway speed traffic both ways.... Depending on your final destination and even though it is a similar hill, Rt 23A through Palenville and Kaaterskill Clove might be a better alternative during offhours (avoid weekends if you can). I see people ridiong up to haines falls... and from there you can take backroads towards the town of Windham....

No idea about the legality of riding it though, since I-87 is an interstate and Rt 23 is only a state highway... There are some ways around it too, by getting off and heading towards Middleburgh and cutting back south towards Windham that will get you off Rt 23....


bikenh 08-26-13 08:11 AM

I'm planning on going from NY10 to MA10 pretty much on 23. I do see I can avoid the four lane, I believe it probably is limited access on the west side of the Hudson to NY145 by taking Main St(I think 23A) instead, which is what I'm planning on doing. I think the rest of the 2100+ mile trip is set so I'm avoiding limited access least I hope. The trip I was on last month was pure he.. thanks to constantly running into limited access crap. I don't mind the traffic, deal with it all the time, but I hate see the signs that say "Bicycles prohibited".

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