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Ferdinand NYC 08-30-13 12:05 PM

night closures of NYC bridge bike lanes -- any other besides GWB?
I am aware of the absurd fact that the George Washington Bridge bike lane is closed overnight, from midnight to 6am.

I am wondering if there any other such closures on bridges in the New York area. As far as I remember, the lanes on the East River bridges stay open all night, as do all the little Harlem River bridges.

How about the Bayonne Bridge?

I am hoping to do a long ride to a location in Morris County in New Jersey and back home to Woodhaven, a total of about 110 miles. (Most likely next summer; too late for it this year). But the GWB closure really hinders me, because I'd like to arrive at my destination by around 7am, which is impossible if I can't even get on the GWB until 6:00.

So the other way to do it is via Bayonne, but only if there is no nighttime closure of the lane on the Bayonne Bridge. Unfortunately, the Bayonne route includes a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, which spoils the purity of riding the whole way. But, at least I'd be able to leave home in the middle of the night and do lots of travelling in the pre-dawn hours.

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