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brianinc-ville 09-06-13 02:58 PM

Visiting Baltimore: need city route advice
Hey, there.

I'm going to Baltimore in a couple of months -- meeting a friend for a show at the Ottobar. Neither one of us knows the city. I'm thinking about taking my folding bike on Amtrak and then using it to ride around town when I get there. I'm a pretty experienced city cyclist -- NYC, Boston, DC, Toronto, all over Europe -- and I've got both the Baltimore Bike Map and Google Maps, but I'd like to get some advice from locals on where it's safe to ride -- especially late at night, after the show. Reports like this worry me a little. :eek: So, here are the places where I'll be; where would you ride?

1. From Penn Station, to the Mt Vernon Hotel, 24 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21201, at about 4:30pm;

2. From the hotel to Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD 21218, around 8pm (in November, so it'll be dark);

3. From Ottobar back to the hotel after the show, prolly after midnight.

I've got most of the next day free, so I figured I'd probably explore a little bit before heading back to the train. Restaurant advice (good, cheap, and/or vegetarian-friendly) appreciated!


greaterbrown 09-07-13 09:26 AM

While I love the Baltimore Brew, that was a silly article. This article talks about the new bike boulevard (Guilford, N. of North ave) where lots of young students ride through low income neighborhoods. Occasionally problems ensue. BTW I love that the photo is of a scene where a ped is killed by a driver which has nothing to do with the article. ... back to the point.

You'll enjoy riding in B'more. There's a bustling cycling community. If you like riding with a zillion locals be sure to catch the Bike Party. Super fun.

Easiest way to answer questions 1, 2 & 3 is to stick to N/S central city corridor: St. Paul, Maryland-Cathedral southbound and Park, Charles, Calvert northbound. Howard, north of North ave is fine at night, but trafficky daytime. Jones Falls trail is fine during the day IMO.

Cool stuff in town to bike to:
Federal Hill: climb up and take in the view.
Harbor promenade is open to bikes <10AM
Take Falls rd. north up to Druid Park for a nice cruise.
Hampden is fun and filled with good veggie restaurants.

... I couldn't help myself- I'm a chronic mapper:
This has the above locations, plus "the block", MICA, Lexington Market and Camden Yards.

Export or copy this route to your account in the next couple weeks. I like to clean out un-needed routes from my account.


brianinc-ville 09-08-13 09:37 AM

That's excellent, Bob! Thanks much. I haven't been to Baltimore in about 20 years and am looking forward to it.

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