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BostonRoadee 09-24-13 12:04 PM

Quabbin Area: Best Route from Barre to Ware?
I'm going to be doing a favorite Massachusetts route this weekend with a friend -- a metric century around the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts. However, this time, instead of taking Rte. 32A from Barre to Ware, I'm interested to know if Route 32 is a good cycling road (scenic, moderate-to-low traffic, etc.). I'm looking for a slightly different route to add interest and a few extra miles.

Also, is there a good general store/sandwich place in Petersham or Barre?

Thanks in advance!

GeezerPete 09-29-13 08:16 PM

32 should be a decent ride. If you haven't tried Rose 32 in Gilbertville, please do. It's a first class bakery with great coffee, drinks and sandwiches. It is on 32A just a bit down from the intersection of 32 toward Ware.

BostonRoadee 09-30-13 08:39 AM

Sorry, Pete, yesterday was the day of the ride, so, without feedback on 32, we took the more reliable 32A (what a GORGEOUS cycling road) and then, to include enough mileage as to amount to a true 100k (the most direct routes around the Quabbin are just under that) we turned west on Greenwich Rd out of Hardwick, and kept following it all the way down to the boat dock on the Quabbin in Hardwick. (Good thing my friend was on skinny tires, b/c I was all for continuing north along the newly-discovered network of opened roads that skim the edge of the water down there.) Then we doubled back and took Greenwich Rd. South, hooked west onto Osborne->Old Poor Farm Rd. A great, and very, very steep detour overall, which substituted for Barre. It was a perfect day, except for absurd knee pain about 50% of the ride.

You ride in Western MA much?

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