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Pug 09-26-13 09:30 AM

Mt. Greylock temps
I'm planning to ride Mt. Greylock this weekend (28 Sep 2013) and am wondering what kind of difference in temperatures I can expect between the base and summit? If I'm in short sleeves at Heritage Park should I carry arm warmers for the descent? Thanks

Jay H 09-26-13 12:57 PM

I would bring arm/leg warmers if you intend to stay at the summit for any length of time. Regardless of the temp diff, the summit of greylock is fairly windy on a regular basis so the wind chill is going to make it feel even colder. You also cannot climb inside the War Memorial as it is currently closed for repairs. You can go inside the memorial but not up the stairs.. Bascom Lodge should still be open but only for a few more weeks at most.

Most folks usually use 3degs or so every 1000ft elevation gain. Greylock from the north is around 2700ft elevation gain...


Pug 09-26-13 01:29 PM

Thanks Jay H, I appreciate the feedback.

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