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Chief Brody 09-30-13 05:47 PM

Lake Winnipesaukee
I'm headed up to Tuftonboro, NH for the long Columbus day weekend.

I was thinking about riding around Lake Winnipesaukee.

For those that have done it, how was it? Specifically, how was the traffic? Any sections that were particularly bad?

If my loving wife lets me, I might be able to sneak in another ride. Are there any other rides in the area that are notable? I may just make one up on the fly, but was wondering if there is anything special in the area in the 40 to 60 mile range.

Thanks in advance.

etw 09-30-13 06:41 PM

By a quick google search I found various sites and forums with info. Maybe some of these will be of help

nickthaquick1 10-03-13 09:30 AM

i'd try to get up to the white mountains if you can, not much further away but roads around N Conway are mint for cycling and there are a few Cat 2 and 3 climbs to take down.

Also, going down them is fun as ****.

Traffic shoulnt be too bad if you go early enough. you might even see a moose in the morning!

Enjoy my favorite part of NE

Chief Brody 10-15-13 09:59 AM

Here are the two routes that I came up with. Both were great. The weather could have been a little better, with cool temps and overcast skys, but it was still very enjoyable.

Day 1 -

There was a long climb at about mile 33 that excellent. I think the climb gained a little over 600 feet in a little under 4 miles. I was very happy to reach the top and bomb down the other side until I saw the dreaded "Pavement Ends" sign. I gravel made way to more pavement in under a mile, so that was not terrible.

Day 2 -

This ride was up and down all day. A lot more gravel on this ride. There were two long sections of gravel that probably account for 5 or 6 miles of the ride. Those two sections killed my average, but it was still spectacular. The climb out of Center Sandwhich was pretty brutal. It doesn't look that bad on the map, but it was tough.

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