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Lacumo 10-01-13 01:41 PM

NYC Bike Path Slashings

NYC cyclists --- Keep your eyes open and be careful out there...

vol 10-01-13 05:09 PM

That's really bad. I rode there often and it is usually a very safe area, with a popular outdoor restaurant just 3-4 blocks away. Guess it doesn't matter: as long as there are no armed police, attackers will find their ways.

FrankieV 10-01-13 05:21 PM

This could have happened anywhere.
The guy was deranged.
But yes, always a good idea to be alert!

calyco 10-01-13 10:02 PM

I pass by that area on my daily route. I saw the yellow police tape up today and had to turn back around, was wondering what happened. Couldnt have said it better FrankieV!

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