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Papa Tom 02-10-14 07:25 PM

February 2014: Pics of Jones-TOBAY Beach Bikeway Progress?
Has anybody been out there in the past few weeks? Assuming the snow and ice don't melt until Spring, I'm guessing this could take quite a bit longer than expected. What stage is it at as of February, 2014?

GRVR6 02-26-14 07:00 AM

I just drove by the path. At least the snow is gone, but there doesn't look like any work is going on. I measured (with my car odometer) the new section at 3.6 miles making the whole path 8.7 miles. There and back, 17.4 miles, that's a great after work ride for me. I work about a mile from Cedar Creek Park.

GRVR6 03-11-14 11:26 AM

I was down there this morning. They are working again.

Papa Tom 03-11-14 03:21 PM

>>>>They are working again.<<<<<

Cool, but meanwhile, I don't see any sign of preparations to finish the Bethpage Bikeway extension to Woodbury.

GRVR6 04-14-14 08:56 AM

Lot's of progress (Jones Beach). They have paved about 1/3 of it so far, and they were at it again this morning.

johnnywhale 04-15-14 06:51 AM

They have about 1/2 mile to go today 4/15

GRVR6 04-15-14 07:02 AM

I was just down there this morning too. Actually, I commute daily on Ocean Parkway.

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