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Steve B. 04-02-14 12:33 PM

BP Path extension getting finished ?
A post on the CLIMB site today:

"I work at Canon in Melville and everyday on my way to work I drive up Old Country rd and I always look at the new trail hoping and waiting for them to finally finish the curb cuts. Well the day finally came. They started on 4/1 and I did not want to post this on April fools day b/c it is in fact true. they just started and cut out the curbs and looks like the next part is framing then pouring of cement. Fingers crossed this process will only take a month."

Maybe, just maybe....

johnnywhale 04-02-14 06:09 PM

The Ocean Parkway extension is really coming along as well

Papa Tom 04-04-14 02:58 PM

Awesome. This IS all going to happen while I'm still young enough to ride it!

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