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rocdoc 07-28-14 08:36 AM

Gettysburg battle grounds
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I just discovered this little gem, great for a leisurely ride, if you like to take in some sightseeing and exploring with your biking. A little over 20 miles with lots of short but decently steep hills, and a lot of fun to do on a nice day. If you are a history buff or/and a dork (definitely AND for me...), this is a fantastic opportunity to see history and imagine it come to life.
The best way to do it is to follow more or less the path for the "auto tour", with detouring rambles as you please. If on a weekend, best to start early, as the parking lots fill up very quickly.
Here's a shot of the route we took:

indyfabz 07-28-14 11:04 AM

Yes. I found it pleasant when I rode through the area maybe 6 years ago one Friday afternoon in October. Very little traffic that day, but I can imagine there is more on the weekends.

Papa Tom 07-28-14 11:44 AM

I really want to do this ride, and I AM a history buff, but my wife really slows down on hills. I would want to bring her - and I don't want it to be a bad experience for her. Just how challenging ARE the hills?

rocdoc 07-28-14 01:19 PM

The hills are not terrible. None make an official climb rating. None in my group are extraordinary athletes or pros, and everyone made it up without a problem - although there was the occasional grumbling and "are we there yet?" question :)
If you do all the stops (and there is a LOT to take in, read, listen to, or just watch and imagine) there are a lot of opportunities to stop and rest, so you can chat with your favorite Union or Confederate soldiers (employed actors, although some private individuals show up in full dress occasionally too!) and recharge after each hill.

kaos joe 07-28-14 09:44 PM

Oh, man, Gettysburg. I've been there a couple of times on a MTB with fat slicks. The bike is a vastly better way to get around the place than a car. I don't remember any hill that was much of a challenge, maybe Culp's Hill was the steepest? Before going, one should read "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara.

I remember riding in at dawn one morning, with the mist not yet burned off.....the quiet....

Another moment that brought it home to me was one hot afternoon, I ditched the bike by the Virginia Memorial and walked up the hill towards the Federal positions on Cemetery Ridge, the route taken by the Confederates on their last ditch assault now known of course as Pickett's Charge. I remember stressing out about picking up ticks. Kept looking down at my legs, worrying about ticks. And then I looked up at the Federal artillery lined up on the crest, pointed down at where I was standing, and imagined those black cannons thundering and 10,000 Union *****men firing down for all they were worth. And thought about having to continue walking up that hill into that portal of hell.

And there I was, worrying about ticks.

indyfabz 07-29-14 07:31 AM

The hills are nothing to be concerned about.

JimF22003 07-30-14 05:37 AM

You can do hill repeats climbing up Little Round Top.

Sailor73 07-30-14 05:58 PM

When I was in my teens and living 20 miles from Gettysburg, I used to do training rides there during the summers. During the week there was little traffic and I second hill repeats on Little Round Top.

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