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Darth Lefty 03-16-20 02:06 PM

Covid-19 event status for Norcal
L'Eroica is postponed.

Prairie City Race Series (Weds night MTB races all spring) is postponed. I have not heard about Foresthill Fondo, which is in May, they may be hoping it's blown over by then. That's the two things I was interested in.

No news either from Motherlode Epic, which is in June. I was considering that one.

Sea Otter moved to October (thanks 2cam16)

Post up if you have more.

2cam16 03-16-20 04:12 PM

Don't forget Sea Otter rescheduled for I think October.

shrimp123 03-16-20 11:34 PM

Primavera century

Registration is closed.

A decision on cancellation or postponement will be sent to registered riders and posted on the website at the end of March.

Darth Lefty 08-12-20 05:37 PM

Folsom Rodeocross canceled for this year. From Facebook:

Well folks, it's time to make it official. We had pretty much decided that it was going to be really hard to have Rodeocross this year, since its throbbing heart is Heckle Hollow and there's just no way to socially distance that drunken mosh pit of joy. Today the City of Folsom took the decision making from our hands by informing us that they won't be allowing permits for such events for the rest of this year.
So mourn, briefly, that we won't get to share those silly times until next year; but rejoice in the reduced frequency of abrasions and hangovers (maybe) this October.
We'll be back at it next year. In the meantime please help ensure that by staying safe, looking out for your friends, family, and fellow racers and citizens, and wearing your masks when you can't avoid the general public.

Ringmaster out.🍻

rsjrv99 03-07-21 10:57 AM

That's too bad

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