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Dshechter 04-30-13 06:39 PM

San Fran to LA at the end of May
Hey Everyone,

I am looking for advice and for company to join me on this epic journey. My plan is to bike down the coast at a intermediate pace, and stop along the way to work on a farm. W.W.O.F (World-Wide Organization of Farmers) is an organization where you can work half a day on an organic farm, and receive food and shelter in return.

My first question is, how should I go about getting the bike? I dont own one, and cant really afford to keep one. Should I buy used, and then resell? or rent?

Any other advice would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

LONO100 03-03-14 01:19 AM

im actually planning a ride with a few friends that will end in santa barbara. craigslist is a good place to start when looking for a good used bike. if you arent very knowledgeable about bikes, it might be worthy to try a local bike shop and going for a new bike.

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