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nemeseri 06-22-15 12:30 PM

Death Ride 2015 / Alpine County - weather questions
I'm preparing for this year's death ride and although I visited Alpine County / Lake Tahoe multiple times, I'm getting nervous about the weather.

Do you guys have any experience with the weather in the area mid July? Is it cold in the morning? Can I expect anything like hail, rain, thunderstorms? Should I take a jacket with me or I'm going to be fine with a gilet and arm warmers (or long sleeve jersey)? I guess it's not going to be very hot because of the higher elevations.

Any advice or insights are well appreciated! Thanks.

Bostic 06-22-15 02:38 PM

Be prepared for anything. The first year I rode, 2008, there was a thunderstorm and an absolute downpour in the late afternoon for the Carson pass. I descended in it back to Woodfords. Start early, don't waste an extra second at any of the rest stops. I don't believe they have drop bags anymore so you have to carry everything with you.

A favorite photo of mine from that year.

c0lnago 06-22-15 03:15 PM

Cool to cold in the early AM...I usually start around 4:30 or 5 and I've seen high 30's, low 40's over the years. By the time I hit Carson in the afternoon it's scorching...plan on 90's. I've seen less but just assume hot.

nemeseri 06-22-15 05:01 PM

Originally Posted by Bostic (Post 17916793)
Start early, don't waste an extra second at any of the rest stops.

Hahaha. Nice photo.
So thunderstorms are more likely in the afternoon?

c0lnago 06-22-15 05:19 PM

Originally Posted by nemeseri (Post 17917155)
Hahaha. Nice photo.
So thunderstorms are more likely in the afternoon?

I've done it 5x...rain only once for about 20 mins on Carson. If anywhere it seems likely there and very unlikely anywhere else. I wouldn't pack for it unless it's in the forecast, convenient to carry or pickup.

gpelpel 06-22-15 11:04 PM

Rode it twice, 2008 and 2009.

2008: started on the chilly side before 6am, I had arm warmers and a vest, I was fine and took all off at top of Monitor. Rest of the day was great so I left everything in the car at Turtle Rock only to get the hail storm at the Woodfords stop at base of Carson. Waited under the tent with dozens of riders, took one of their trash bag, cut a hole for my head, 2 holes for the arms and went up the pass after 20 minutes. Storm came back stronger, I was cold and pelted by hail during the climb but it cleared near the top. That added to the experience of an epic day.

2009: very comfy in the early morning, warmer later but nothing bad.

The regular weather pattern calls for a bit chilly before sunrise to comfortable all day with an occasional mid afternoon localized storm. Typical Sierra summer pattern.

BenRidin 06-23-15 04:10 PM

This will be #9 for me. In the early am, it can get a bit chilly. I usually depart w/ arm warmers and a vest. I'll carry a small lite athletic type of back pack that I'll throw all this into, including my lights & blinky. I usually stash it at the start of the Monitor climb. Other riders will do this too. Then after the lunch stop I'll pick it up and drop it off at my car whilst going thru Markleeville.

As for afternoon rainstorms, they can happen and they will pass. So you will get wet and might get chilled, but honestly, the weather is nice. They actually motivate me to ride harder and faster so I can beat them out. Good luck. Personally this year I'm hoping the fire will be out long enough to allow us to ride the route.


JoelS 06-23-15 05:55 PM

Keep an eye on the fire. There's the possibility that the ride may have to be postponed or cancelled.

Lesper4 06-24-15 08:46 AM

Anyone have more knowledgeable info (inside club AA) about the double century? I am coming from Socal and this was the big daddy ride of the year for me that I have been training for. I was hopeing to do all 8 passes adn get the jersey but if only 4 passes are available I want to push off till next year. Do they roll-over your registration?

Bostic 06-24-15 08:58 AM

Keep an eye on these links. A few Facebook posters have requested to have their regs moved to next near but I didn't see a response.
Alta Alpina Challenge

Unless something drastically changes in the next few days, I don't see how they can possibly have the standard course open with so much of Monitor and Ebbetts in the fire zone. I skipped this year and rode the Terrible Two instead due to upcoming family vacation. I'm hoping for the best for the area and that the ride can go as scheduled. For me no other double comes close to how difficult the 8 pass is including the DMD and TT.

Lesper4 06-24-15 10:00 AM

Yeah I am one of those people. I may email them directly.

spingineer 06-26-15 04:46 PM

From the California Triple Crown site on Facebook, Alta Alpina Challenge has been cancelled, due to the fire.

Alta Alpina Challenge

Lesper4 07-07-15 05:29 PM

But riders (who were signed up) are allowed to participate in the staff ride a week from this Saturday. And the Deathride is THIS Saturday. Fire is out but the thunderstorms make it look like that picture above could really happen again. I am on the fence about the staff ride.

KenshiBiker 07-11-15 11:30 PM

For those interested, the weather for the Death Ride today was spectacular; you could not ask for better weather (considering the locale). Sunny, blue skies, not a drop of rain (though I thought I heard a thunder clap at the top of Carson Pass). According to my Garmin, the high temp was about 98.6 deg F, with an average of 64.2 deg F (the low as 33.8 deg F, but that was at about 5:30 am).

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