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Kaminokaze 02-28-17 05:10 PM

Mt Diablo Photo Thread

This should be a wonderful year for Mt Diablo. With all the rain and after so many years of drought. The wildflowers should be amazing.
There are so many of us who frequently ride the Mountain, whether we ride it for fun or misery. Training for something like the Deathride or DMD.

Posting photos for others to see will let us see others different sides of this wonderful mountain.

Others are looking forward to seeing photos. I will take at least one photo each time I am riding on the Devil.

cthenn 02-28-17 06:13 PM

Is that first one from the most recent dusting? You seem to have captured it before it even began to melt. I wasn't able to see it until lunch yesterday and it was fairly melted by then.

Kaminokaze 02-28-17 11:06 PM

Sorry to have to say, the snow was from a year ago. The others are from this last weekend.

Lanceoldstrong 03-01-17 09:28 AM

Yesterday I took a 45 mile East County loop around The Mountain.
(Concord > Pittsburg > Antioch > Oakley > Brentwood > Clayton > Concord)
The Mountain was my homing beacon when I saw it framed by this middle of nowhere sign:

cccorlew 03-05-17 07:37 PM

Ahhh. Diablo. It's odd I haven't been on it this year. I need to fix that.

Kaminokaze 03-07-17 11:10 AM

I did make it up Diablo this weekend the Weather was what can you say! Interesting

This was taken from the Clayton side of the Mtn

Climbing through Diablo Ranch with the ice coming down

A few minutes later at the junction, the sun was out

Up at Juniper you can see more coming in so I headed back down

Back at the Junction to wait for it to blow through.
After that, it was time for a hot shower.

Fun Day on the Devil

cthenn 03-07-17 06:22 PM

Seems like fun.

cccorlew 03-09-17 12:36 PM

Nice! Thanks Kaminokaze!

gurk700 03-09-17 10:11 PM

Finally climbed it a month ago!

StrathsCycling 03-10-17 05:49 AM

Wow what a view!

Kaminokaze 03-10-17 07:57 AM

[QUOTE=gurk700;19431118]Finally climbed it a month ago!]

Yes the view from the top is one of the best. Even Better after the climb!

Kaminokaze 03-12-17 08:17 PM

Sunday Recovery Ride
What a wonderful day on the mtn. Weather is warm and sunny. After last weeks Snow and Ice.

The Cars played well with me today

Sorry about the finger

My Arch Nemesis always follows me up hills. :twitchy:

Kaminokaze 03-14-17 10:43 PM

Tuesday Evening Ride
Very nice on the devil tonight. Warm and Prefect March Evening Ride

cthenn 03-15-17 12:07 PM

Today will be my first after-work ride up Diablo, of the new cycling season, excited! :love:

Kaminokaze 03-16-17 10:07 PM

Thursday Night Ride
Nice to see fire danger is LOW but wont be long to see it at Extreme!

Kaminokaze 03-19-17 09:33 PM

Sat's Ride
Can you say Green.

Lanceoldstrong 03-20-17 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by Kaminokaze (Post 19453576)

Mount Diablo State Park’s “Rock City,” once known more familiarly as the “Garden of the Jungle Gods.” Rock City’s foundations are riddled with ...wind caves...

This one looks like a skull to me when I ride by it, I can see where it got the spooky name.

DiabloScott 03-20-17 06:01 PM

NGR is getting worse every week.

jwill911 03-20-17 07:22 PM

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Been up to Diablo a couple time lately few weeks ago only got 3/4 way up and ran into lots of snow and ice on the road and had to retreat.

Kaminokaze 03-20-17 08:49 PM

Originally Posted by DiabloScott (Post 19455709)

I have only descended through there. Its not bad on the downhill because it steps down a inch or two. I am sure it will be a while before that get taken care of. Unless it really becomes much more of a crack or it drops more. Then they would put a wedge of ASSFAULT :lol: until it stops moving:foo:

garciawork 03-20-17 09:26 PM

Planning to come to my hometown for a visit, road bike in tow. I sincerely miss this mountain... good to see NGR is in the about the same condition as always...

cthenn 03-21-17 12:09 PM

If that portion of NGR washes away, it'll be closed for a looooooooooong time, if I had to guess. It's the lesser used of the 2 sides by visitors (based on bike and car traffic), and this is above the ranches. It's just before the junction, so the house can be accessed easily from the South. Based on how long it takes to get real wash-outs fixed (and then subsequently failing the NEXT WINTER!), if this goes, it could be years.

Not the worst thing in the world, as you can still get a good workout for 95% of that road, but how can we compare our Strava times LOL!!!???

DiabloScott 03-21-17 02:01 PM

Originally Posted by cthenn (Post 19457420)

Not the worst thing in the world, as you can still get a good workout for 95% of that road, but how can we compare our Strava times LOL!!!???

I'll make a new segment! Bonus - there will be almost no reason for cars on NGR.

cthenn 03-21-17 05:04 PM

Originally Posted by DiabloScott (Post 19457704)
I'll make a new segment! Bonus - there will be almost no reason for cars on NGR.

Yeah, I use the 6 splits you created for that road when looking at my NG rides, those are useful.

Ok, so we are officially on the bandwagon in favor of the destruction of NGR!:p

Seriously though, if I knew they'd fix the road this summer, I would be ok with it. Not that riding up there midweek after work has many cars, but knowing there'd be practically zero would be fun.

DiabloScott 03-27-17 06:22 PM

OK, not a photo, but did everyone see this amazing guy who for his 50th birthday did


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