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Lanceoldstrong 10-28-12 05:13 PM

Sunday 50 Miles and 4500 ft. climbing on a great lollipop shaped route of Midland's design with Sierra Road as the highlight.
Start in Pleasanton, Up Calaveras along the reservoir , down into Milpitas, to San Jose and UP Serra Rd.
Down Felter, Up the Calaveras Wall and back along the reservoir rollers to Pleasanton. 3rd best time up Sierra. Now I need a nap.

Red Rider 10-28-12 05:52 PM

Did the shop ride today. Only 8 of us total, so the double-pace lines were fun, fast and steady. Beautiful weather for it. too. A couple of the guys got frisky on the ride back to the start, and I was nearly red-lining in my effort to catch them. Catch them I did, and that was exhilarating. Reassuring to know I have the legs to put on speed (over a short distance) when I need it.

Midland 10-29-12 12:21 AM

Sierra rd. with LanceOldstrong. Why do I alway's underestimate that climb? it's nasty.

spingineer 10-29-12 10:49 PM

Did LKHC on Saturday, Hwy 9, from Boulder Creek to top of Skyline, Saratoga Gap. This was a time trial up Hwy 9, and got a PB by 23 minutes ... WTF? Must be the adrenaline of the LKHC ... I'm loving these LKHC, even if I do seem to be out of my league.

Ride report here ...

Esteban58 10-30-12 09:19 AM

Did the Portola Valley loop - its starting to look a bit like Fall. Nice ride out on Foothill as I tucked in behind a couple of youngsters who pulled me all the way to Page Mill.

UmneyDurak 10-30-12 11:46 PM

Re-discovered how slippery the roads are early in the morning with fog. I should take that turn eas, ouch. :lol:

On unrelated note with weather turning colder and wetter, less creepy people jumping on my wheel un-unounced. :lol:

cthenn 11-02-12 12:10 PM

Last Sunday was some of the nicest weather I've ever had riding in Marin. Rode from Richardson Bay across the GG bridge (so few tourists this time of year!), then back and up Conzleman to the headlands, back around through Sausalito to Tibruon, did the Paradise loop then up to Larkspur, and back to the start. 42 miles of cycling heaven. Zero clouds, zero wind, mid 70's with the typical cool air. Could riding get any better than that?

Lanceoldstrong 11-03-12 08:41 PM

Drove up to Napa with Midland. Heck, it is only about 45 minutes from my house in Concord.

Rode: 73 Miles w/5660 ft. climb.
UP Mt. Veeder, picked up the Knoxville Double route on on Oakville Cross Rd and Silverado Trail
UP Howell Mountain and down around to the Pope Valley, still on Knoxville route, for a return to re-trace Silverado and Oakville Cross
UP !! Oakville Grade (1.1 miles at an unrelenting 14-20%) and back to our car via Dry Creek Road back into the city Napa.

Fall color was near peak in the vineyards and the trees so with the weather it was very close to a perfect day.
November with bare arms and legs in the Napa Valley. You gotta love California, so does this pro we saw

bikingshearer 11-05-12 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Lanceoldstrong (Post 14889145)
. . . with Sierra Road as the highlight. . . .

As the late legend-in-his-own-mind Herb Caen would have said: That is a self-canceling phrase.


Originally Posted by Midland (Post 14890284)
Sierra rd. with LanceOldstrong. Why do I alway's underestimate that climb? it's nasty.

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

freighttraininguphill 11-09-12 04:37 PM

I'm a little late with this one. This was Sunday's ride from El Dorado Hills to Rescue via Malcolm Dixon, Green Valley, and Deer Valley Roads. When I was climbing up Green Valley road, the lead rider in a group of three descending cyclists said hi. When I said hi back to him he yelled back "Hey I know you! I did, uh, Scott's ride!"

"Scott" is a member of The Hammerin' Wheels Road Bike Club, and his rides are some of the best climbing sufferfests you could ask for. Unfortunately I can't keep up with the hammerheads who go on his rides, so I avoid them. You can read about how much fun (not!) I had on my one and only ride on one of Scott's hammerfests here. The video of that ride looks like a solo ride, because it pretty much was :o.

The rider in last weekend's video either remembered me from that August 26 sufferfest, or the 9/23 Corkscrew Wall climb, where I started a few minutes ahead of them. One of them caught up to me near the bottom of the 10-mile descent down Mosquito Ridge Road, but I caught him again at the bottom. They all caught me eventually on the Corkscrew Wall, but it took a while because they were busy stashing water bottles while I was riding. I had two big bottles and a Camelbak. I used up both bottles on the ride, so I was drinking from the Camelbak on the 10-mile climb back up Mosquito Ridge Road to Foresthill.

The Hammerin' Wheels riders did a 72 mile ride to French Meadows and back. I rode to the top of the Corkscrew Wall and back. Much more fun and no pressure!

The Corkscrew Wall is the hardest climb in the area. It's almost 5 miles long, with a 9% average grade, lots of grades in the teens, and a max grade of 18%.

I thought I posted that Corkscrew Wall ride in this thread, but apparently not. Here it is.

This has clips from the entire ride.

Helmet cam video of just the Corkscrew Wall climb, with additional footage:

freighttraininguphill 11-12-12 02:11 AM

Found a new steep climb to play on. Bayne Road in Coloma kicks up to 14-17% almost immediately, and that steep part lasts for about a mile and a half. After riding to the end of that road and back, I rode to the end of Cold Springs Road and back. Cold Springs is also nice and steep at the beginning. My Strava readings on the steep part suck even more than usual this time because I stopped twice on the steep part to pick up goodies I found on the side of the road-a pair of tin snips and a carabiner. At the top of the climb I saw some change shining in the sun, so I stopped to pick that up too. Two dimes and a nickel. It felt like a bicycle scavenger hunt! :D

Here's video of the Bayne Road climb.

bikingshearer 11-12-12 12:23 PM

A lovely if somewhat chilly ride yesterday with a long-time friend. We did an out-and-back starting from his house in Martinez, went to Walnut Creek via the Canal path and the Iron Horse, then on the Boulevard to San Ramon and to the end of Bollinger Canyon.

I invited bigbossman to tag along on all or part of the day's doings, but he decided he'd rather shoot at pheasants than ride with turkeys.

51 miles, not a lot of elevation, but a fun, fast (by my standards) ride.

bigbenaugust 11-12-12 03:17 PM

SF Bike Expo at the COW Palace via bike and Caltrain. Sadly, the panniers I picked up, as nice as they are, already have busted hardware. So I will be getting out the spare pannier clips and riveter and going at it soon.

MarkoPolo 11-15-12 12:37 PM

Not quite the weekend, but the sky was beautiful early this morning on my loop through Pebble Beach...

It was one of those magical mornings on the bike... :D

...until I broke two spokes. :notamused:

bikingshearer 11-15-12 05:31 PM

^^^ I was prepared to really hate you until I read about the spokes.

Red Rider 11-18-12 07:44 PM

Climbed a hill and toured the flats today with a friend who crashed 3 wks. ago -- it's her first ride since then -- another friend and c_gallagh. Crisp and clear at the start, with dry roads. Really fun to catch up with friends.

JoelS 11-18-12 07:53 PM

Took out the steel bikes with a friend to preview the route for the Dec 8 Heavy Metal ride. We had a grand time. 66 mi and right about 2600 ft of climbing. With a couple of options to cut it shorter depending on time.

lesiz 11-19-12 06:02 AM

bikingshearer:"We did an out-and-back starting from his house in Martinez,"
I'm from CC County from many years ago. I visited there recently and scouted in my car for an old backroad I remember that went along the coast from Martinez to Crockett. I found what looked like the right road, but a mile up from Martinez it was blocked off! I figure it's some super-secret government installation and civilians are not allowed in. Too bad, that would be a great ride on a bike.

Esteban58 11-19-12 10:04 AM

7.7 miles starting from home and ending at the bike shop, where the mechanic agreed that my 3 week old bottom bracket is screwed up... order a replacement (different model, with supposedly tighter tolerances), but it probably won't be in till after the holiday - so now I get to either ride the stationary bike or live with clickity click (its rather loud) till then... not a very satisfying ride.

blt 11-19-12 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by lesiz (Post 14963274)
bikingshearer:"We did an out-and-back starting from his house in Martinez,"
I'm from CC County from many years ago. I visited there recently and scouted in my car for an old backroad I remember that went along the coast from Martinez to Crockett. I found what looked like the right road, but a mile up from Martinez it was blocked off! I figure it's some super-secret government installation and civilians are not allowed in. Too bad, that would be a great ride on a bike.

I assume you are talking about Carquinez Scenic Dr., if so, you haven't been around for a long time, I'm pretty sure that has been closed since at least sometime in the 90's. I haven't been there for a couple of years, so I don't know for sure the current status is the same, but last I knew, bicycles could still use the road where it is closed, I think about a 2 mile stretch.

The closed section wasn't ideal, the road was in crappy shape, lots of cracks, holes, with plenty of vegitation growing in it, all requiring some caution to navigate around, plus hikers, runners, and dog walkers to watch for. There was one section about 30 feet long where the road was completely gone, with a 2-3 foot wide dirt portion left -- if I recall correctly, it was a slide that occurred after the road was closed that caused that 30 foot stretch of road.

Maybe someone else can give a more recent report, as of 2 years ago, it was still reasonable to use that stretch of closed road as part of a nice ride, even if that 2 mile stretch wasn't ideal for cruising at 18-20 mph.

spingineer 11-19-12 09:55 PM

Since it would be clear skies, I went ahead and did a climb up Mt. Umunhum ... one of these days, we'll make it all the way to the top.


curbtender 11-20-12 06:35 AM

Carquinez scenic is still open and in about the same condition. It's ridable and scenic...

cccorlew 11-20-12 04:12 PM

The Carquinez scenic "drive" is open to bikes and is a delight, even though parts of the road are terrible.
Matt BF ride 4.11.09 by ccorlew, on Flickr
two bridge loop flowers by ccorlew, on Flickr
moon face on road by ccorlew, on Flickr

almondpliers 11-22-12 08:51 PM

Spent my Thanksgiving afternoon climbing up Page Mill Road.
Managed to get up to Skyline with one rest stop (previous best was two stops). Gotta keep training so that I can make it up in one go one of these days...

The afternoon deep yellow fall sunlight made the view of the Peninsula and South Bay quite pretty. I think I like how it looks in the autumn more than the summer hues. :)

Red Rider 11-23-12 12:22 AM

We spent yesterday cooking turkey breast & assorted sides so we could ride today. Actually, c_gallagh went to the gym, I rode solo and relished every minute of the crisp air and colored scenery.

And then I ate twice what I burned, I think, at our son's place, which means we'll ride tomorrow, too.:lol:

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