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freighttraininguphill 04-21-13 02:45 PM

Mix Canyon again yesterday. Full ride report with pics and video is here.

After Mix we climbed the west side of Cantelow. Here's my riding partner with our bikes at the top.

I am in pain now. I've been riding quite a bit lately, and my legs were hurting a little before Mix. Now they hurt quite a bit more, even though I cruised around the neighborhood at a leisurely pace after the Mix sufferfest. It takes a lot for me to get sore legs, so hopefully I'll be a bit stronger when I climb Mt. Diablo 1 1/2 times next weekend while my riding partner does the Devil Mountain Double.

rdtompki 04-21-13 08:57 PM

Primavera 100K for me. I had signed up for this as one of perhaps two organized rides I'd do on my single, hoping I'd be in shape for a Century. No such luck - between business travel and long hours my riding over the last 3 months as been pitiful. The 100K was more than enough.

Esteban58 04-22-13 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by rdtompki (Post 15536840)
Primavera 100K for me. I had signed up for this as one of perhaps two organized rides I'd do on my single, hoping I'd be in shape for a Century. No such luck - between business travel and long hours my riding over the last 3 months as been pitiful. The 100K was more than enough.

I did the 100K as well, with a friend - great day for the ride, great route (so nice to be riding stuff I haven't seen before), and well supported.

gpelpel 04-22-13 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Beaker (Post 15535182)
Great pics as always Curtis


Can't believe the first shot is from an iPhone. Yet after closer review the extended depth of field is consistent with such a tiny lens. Would make a nice spread in a magazine.

chidonchea 04-24-13 04:01 AM

Primavera Century
100 mile bike ride from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont California. I kept my time at a rest stop short. Meet a rider with only one wheel working. Drafted some triathletes. Broke the carbon blade spring on my Look Keo Blade Pedal. Finished in 6 Hours 46 minutes.

freighttraininguphill 04-27-13 05:39 AM

I'm in San Ramon now because I drove my riding partner down here so he can do the Devil Mountain Double. We rode to the foot of the South Gate side of Mt. Diablo yesterday.

I'll be doing 1 1/2 climbs of Diablo in a few hours (South Gate Road to ranger station, descend North Gate Road, climb to summit).

freighttraininguphill 04-27-13 06:51 AM

Here's the Devil Mountain Double riders leaving the Marriott in San Ramon at 5 AM.

freighttraininguphill 04-27-13 08:02 PM

I didn't feel very strong on Diablo, so I aborted my plan to do 1 1/2 climbs and just climbed South Gate to the summit.

The bugs were out in force! I've never seen so many ladybugs flying around in my life! Then there were the biting flies, smaller flying insects, and the gnats. It was also a little on the warm side at times.

On the way up Summit Road I saw a descending cyclist and ascending car pass each other close enough that the cyclist yelled out and shook his finger at the motorist. It was caught on video, but it looked scarier live.

Red Rider 04-27-13 11:22 PM

A humble tandem ride after yard work, house work, and other chores this morning. The stats cannot relay the teamwork and connection we get from a tandem ride. Smiles per mile = off the chart.

rdtompki 04-28-13 08:04 PM

Chico Velo Wildflower 100K on the tandem. Generally a good ride - early start to avoid the heat on Honey Run and the temps actually never got bad. Finally, not much wind on the finishing stretch! We've got to find a saddle that works for my wife past 40 miles; she was really hurting after the last rest stop.

I stopped counting the singles that past us on the climb. Our average speed up the steepest part of the climb, 3.4 miles, is a whopping 4.2 mph. I must say, however, that we received man kudos from the singles zipping by us.

Red Rider 04-28-13 09:42 PM

I don't know what she's riding now but I'd suggest better shorts (pay the big bucks; the chamois is worth it) and a saddle like the Selle San Marco Glamour. And/or get her fitted at the LBS and borrow a saddle (be sure they have a return policy).

Do you have a Thudbuster? That goes a long way toward stoker satisfaction.

scrubbo 04-29-13 10:30 AM

I know our LBS has a one month return policy on their seats, and my wife went in and got fitted for one that would be less abusive on her tender parts and is VERY happy with it. Definitely go someplace that figures out where the sit bones are and offers a selection of widths in a variety of seats. Good LBS = gold.

As for my weekend ride, up Kings, down 84 and up the west side of OLH, then down to Tripp and a little side jaunt up Summit Springs off of Tripp before heading home.

Diegomayra 04-29-13 09:03 PM

Wente RR Cat 5... Cramped up, my body was not ready for the heat.

cccorlew 04-30-13 12:38 PM

Sunday was WorldWide Pinhole Day, so I rode my bike not very far to shoot this local sculpture with my pinhole camera.
Wild Horse Pinhole number 1 by ccorlew, on Flickr

curbtender 04-30-13 07:16 PM

All my rides start in Pin(h)ole...

chidonchea 05-01-13 02:59 AM Happy to finish and get a PR @17:20.

DiabloScott 05-01-13 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by chidonchea (Post 15573827)
Happy to finish and get a PR @17:20.

Congrats! Salute! ¡Enhorabuena!

flagon 05-01-13 08:32 PM

I rode in the Chico Wildflower Flatflower 60 this weekend. This was my first organized bike event and it was a lot of fun. Here is a youtube

bjorke 05-01-13 10:46 PM

Prepping for next week's Bike to Work Day, ran my own little 100K -- 80K to the office in SF, and with a Caltrain insert, 20+K from Palo Alto back to Santa Clara.
6AM, Central Expresway, Biking to SF by What Photos Look Like, on Flickr
noticed on street near Brisbane by What Photos Look Like, on Flickr

scrubbo 05-05-13 04:02 PM

Kings Mountain, Old La Honda, Down 84 to Pescadero Road, Stage to Highway 1, then up Tunitas. Managed PRs on Kings, OLH, Stage (had a tail wind!), AND Tunitas. I have to guess at the Kings because my garmin was wandering all over the place so Strava didn't match it, but near as I can figure it I was a just under a minute faster than my previous best, which should be enough wiggle room for me to call it. Probably the strongest ride I've ever done. 73 miles, 7800 feet of climbing, 5:20 in the saddle, 6:07 overall. I would have been under 6 hours if not for the line for the bathroom in Pescadero.

Darth Lefty 05-05-13 11:08 PM

Since there is no agreed-upon definition of Northern California, I feel safe in posting this here.

Today Sacramento County shut down Old Placerville Road and Scott Road down to Latrobe, and opened it to traffic for May bike month. The total distance on these lovely back roads was about 25 miles. I rode to the trail head from Orangevale, giving me a round trip of ~42 miles. There was a trip to Whole Foods and a BBQ in the last third, so my average speed was 6 mph.
IMG_0870 by Darth Lefty, on Flickr

gaucho777 05-13-13 01:01 PM

Nice ride through the east bay hills (48 miles, ~3,000-ft. climbing): Berkeley --> Tunnel Rd. --> Skyline --> Redwood Rd --> Pinehurst --> through Morago/Orinda --> Wildcat Cyn. --> Back to Berkeley.

DiabloScott 05-13-13 02:07 PM

[h=2]I decided not to do this, but it'd be a pretty cool office ornament.

Instructions for preserving a rattlesnake rattle:[/h]1 Find the piece of the rattlesnake tail that is closest to the rattlesnake's body. Inside this rattle is the “blood rattler” (meat tissue).
2 Cut through the end of the snake’s body directly above this rattle using the paring knife. Remove the rattle from the snake’s body.
3 Reach inside the rattle using your fingers or tweezers and pull this piece of meat out. If you pull carefully and slowly the meat should come out in one piece.
4 Place the rattle in a warm and dry location until it dries completely. Without the meat inside the rattle, it will dry quickly to produce a rattle that will last indefinitely.

bikingshearer 05-13-13 04:29 PM

Saturday saw me get up stupid early, drive to Martinez Amtrak, and pedal off with two friends from the Dublin Cyclery rider group. From Martinez, off over Willow Pass and through Baypoint, Pittsburg and Antioch and over the Antioch Bridge, which induced some not-so-fond flashbacks of riding over the old draw bridge Antioch Bridge :eek:. The new Antioch Bridge is a mildly unpleasnt way to access the Delta. The old one was unbelieveably scary. Be glad it was replace many moons ago. I know I am.

From there, on up SR-160 to Brannan Island State Park, from whence we struck off on back roads to Isleton and lunch, then back on the back roads to Walnut Grove. (Many thanks to LanceOldstrong, who introduced me to these great back roads. I highly recommend them.)

We tried to visit Locke, but the "Locke Days" event was not bike friendly, so we continued on. We stayed on River Road, the levee road on the east side of the Sacramento River, which sometimes is SR-160 and sometimes isn't. We crossed over to the west side at Freeport onto the curiously named South River Road. From there, up to Jefferson Blvd into West Sac and by Raley Field, over the Tower Bridge, dinner in Old Sac, and a hop onto Amtrak for the ride back to Martinez.

What a great day. :thumb: Sunny, warm-to-hot with enough of a breeze to take the edge off but not so windy as to be annoying. 83 miles, give or take. The Garmins claimed 1200 feet of climbing, but that sounds hight to me - Willow Pass and the Antich bridge account for something like 600 feet between them, but there can't be that many trips onto and off of levess to account another 600 feet, can there? Great company. An all-around great day to be on the bike. If it had been 83 hilly miles I'd probably feel differently, but teh vast majority of htis one was as flat as NorCal gets.

Lanceoldstrong 05-19-13 07:59 PM

My first solo 50 miler in a while. I wore my Triple Crown Gold Medal Jersey for inspiration. One can't disgrace The Jersey.
Up and over Morgan Territory, down The Plunge and then... just turned around at the Alameda County line sign and went back up The Plunge.
A nice mash up of the DMD course and the TOC course. Nice yes and hard, so nice and hard.:thumb:

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