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qpliu 09-09-06 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by injured
Such great roads to ride, Ill be there soon.

Maybe I'll see you up on some of them some time.

It was a shorter ride for me today. I rode up Empire Grade and Smith Grade to Bonny Doon for lunch. Then, down to the coast and into the wind for the Swanton loop. Then, I hammered back to Santa Cruz with the tailwind.

There was some sort of organized ride heading south on Highway 1 today. The riders had orange cards on the front and back, with a number and the rider's first name on the one in back, at least. Does anyone know what that was? The riders I saw were all riding relatively slowly, so I went by them pretty quickly and didn't think to ask.

qpliu 09-09-06 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by SteveE
Bohlman/On-Orbit, Black/Gist, and Jamison Creek on the same ride. Guess you must REALLY like to climb!

I hadn't climbed much in a month, so I figured it was about time for it.

The previous week: Santa Cruz to Monterey and back. Pretty flat.

Two weeks earlier: Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and back. Pretty flat.

Three weeks earlier: visiting Houston. Very flat.

SteveE 09-09-06 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by qpliu
I hadn't climbed much in a month, so I figured it was about time for it.

The previous week: Santa Cruz to Monterey and back. Pretty flat.

Two weeks earlier: Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and back. Pretty flat.

Three weeks earlier: visiting Houston. Very flat.

Based today's ride, I think I'm still recovering from last Saturday's Los Altos-Los Gatos-Corralitos-Soquel-Scotts Valley-Mtn Charlie-Skyline-Page Mill-Los Altos ride.

BigSean 09-11-06 08:29 AM

Back on the bike again. Rode small local loops on wed and thurs. Saturday I stepped it up to a 20miler on the mt bike with close to 2800ft at Demo Forest. Sunday I did a Los Gatos loop to ride out some soreness. Im trying to build my stamina back up, I was dying at Demo on the last 3 miles.


platypus 09-11-06 09:51 AM

not too much riding for me this weekend.
Saturday: about 5 miles with 4 mechanicals. I chalked it up to being cursed and went back home.
Sunday: 30 miles with 3k of climbing. I rode the Bike Against the Odds charity ride up in Oakland. I got to climb Tunnel and Skyline, as well as Redwood. Descending Snake Canyon Road was, um, exciting. :D

dauphin 09-11-06 09:57 AM

Sunday, 52 miles up to Colfax and back down to Newcastle and then home. Beautiful day.

caloso 09-11-06 10:18 AM

4 x 10Km out-and-backs on Sunset Drive (bike leg of the Triathlon at Pacific Grove). 20.8mph avg, which isn't going to win any awards but isn't too shabby for me. It's a beautiful ride. I wish I'd had the time to ride it ahead of and after the race to enjoy the beach and mountain views.

rydaddy 09-11-06 11:56 AM

Its football season, so Saturday I decided to ride 49 miles in tribute to the Niners upcoming season. Not that it would change the outcome of the game or anything.. but hey it was my motivation for the day. Went from Davis along the Russell bike path, down Putah Creek Road, through Winters and stopped for a break at Lake Solano park. Very nice day and perfect weather. The scenery along the creek was nice and there were some huge fish just hangin out along the creek. After a power bar and getting yelled at by a very large goose, I went across the creek and went back through Winters and into Davis via Covell. The ride back was tough as I have only been riding a road bike for 2 weeks. Coming back into town I still needed 9 miles for the magic '49' so I had to take a detour around town. I rolled up the driveway with 49.25 miles on the comp.

Averaged about 17.7 mph thanks to a slow ride back. Oh, and the niners lost. :mad:

GotSnow 09-11-06 04:45 PM

I rode with a friend Saturday morning to SF to meet his friend for a ride. We rode Tiburon Loop, via Paradise Road. Overall it was a beautiful ride, even though the fog hung about all day, and the quality of the roads were a bit sketchy in some places.

50 miles
4:10 hrs ride time,
~3600’ of climbing according to my friends GPS

Mr. Gear Jammer 09-11-06 05:01 PM

I have been riding indoors/local trail. It has been rainy, windy and i'm kinda tired from work.

rydaddy 09-11-06 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Gear Jammer
I have been riding indoors/local trail. It has been rainy, windy and i'm kinda tired from work.

Where do you live?

bigbossman 09-14-06 10:53 PM

Saturday, I rode the High Sierra Fall Century over by Mammoth Lakes, CA, with my wife, daughter, and best friend. 96.4 miles, 1 stop sign, 3 right turns, and 3 passes over 8k feet. Most of you probably saw my post over n the Road forum, so I'll just drop a representaive picture here:

Braze-On 09-17-06 10:46 PM

I rode 40 miles this morning, farthest I've been on a bike. Mill Valley bike path to the GG Bridge, climbing in the headlands, through Sausalito and up to Corte Madera. Finished on Paradise loop through Tiburon. I'm new to all of this, and was able to make a couple of buddies along the way. What's the protocol on drafting off strangers with a similar pace? Is it ok to slip up on somebody? What about big groups of folks wearing the same kit? I kept my distance on them.

ahpook 09-18-06 03:45 PM

Went with some much better riders than I up King's Mountain Road and the neighborhood on Friday. Here's the route we did:

I gotta get out and climb more! I'm conditioned quite well for my 10-mile commute twice a day, but outside that comfort zone I fell apart. Thank heaven for the triple chainring...

qpliu 09-18-06 10:20 PM

Saturday, I took a coastal route to Moss Landing, then Elkhorn and various other roads to Murphy Crossing, the entrance of which was closed due to downed power lines. Bypassed the closure on a dirt road by the field, then took Carlton, Casserly, Mt Madonna, Hazel Dell, Browns Valley to Corralitos, Hames, Day Valley, Valencia, to Trout Gulch to Soquel Drive. The route covered much of the first part and last part of the Surf City Century, to be held on the 1st of October, but in the opposite direction.

I was expecting it to be no more than about 70 miles, since the club rides tend not to be more than 60 miles, but it was closer to 85 miles.

JMcCYoung 09-23-06 05:13 PM

This morning I went from my home in west Berkeley near University Avenue and San Pablo, up Delaware to Spruce, up Spruce to Wildcat Canyon, through Tilden on Wildcat Canyon to a right on El Toyonal for an extra little loop south and down to Camino Pablo, which turns into San Pablo Dam Road where Wildcat Canyon Road crosses it. I went west on Camino Pablo/SPD Road to the freeway and back south on various surface streets and the BART bike path. Thirty miles and a fraction total, lovely day and ride.

caloso 09-23-06 06:20 PM

I did the Saturday River Ride this morning. It was pretty fast (21.8 mph avg., 36.7 max) and rough crosswind section. I'm tired.

SteveE 09-23-06 08:48 PM

Cupertino to Los Altos ride start, Foothill South, Stevens Canyon around the reservoir, up Mt. Eden then down, up Pierce then down, up Hwy 9, north on Skyline, east on Hwy 84, Portola Valley, back to Los Altos starting point, stop and yak over drinks at Peet's, back home to Cupertino. Good day for climbing. Nice views up on Skyline.

scottmorrison99 09-23-06 09:00 PM

Rode an out and back out of Vacaville, with a climb up Steiger Hill/ Cantelow Road tossed in to work on my climbing. Club ride was off for today, I just didn't know it. I wasn't driving back without a ride.

qpliu 09-23-06 09:24 PM

It was really beautiful day today, and there were lots of riders on the roads. Anyone who didn't ride really missed out.

I started north on Highway 1, Gazos Creek, Cloverdale to Pescadero. It was early enough that there was no wind. Took Stage, Highway 1, Tunitas Creek, Star Hill, Swett, and Skyline for lunch at Alice's. Continued on Skyline and Bear Creek to Boulder Creek. Returned home via 236, Jamison Creek, and Empire Grade.

BigSean 09-24-06 08:27 AM

I climbed mt hamilton today. I have been re-habbing so this was a good test. Been back on the bike for 3 weeks, felt pretty good today.

scottmorrison99 09-24-06 12:39 PM

I went for a loop today to get in some intervals and climbing. I went through Lagoon Valley Park near Vacaville and stopped for a bit to watch the cyclocross races. Looks like fun, just gotta burn off this extra weight. Maybe next year. The course had lots of climbing, and looked to be a lot of fun. I'm envious. I had to get back early, doing Richard Simmons' radio show today. Still burning fat, pedaling my azzoff.

platypus 09-24-06 02:23 PM

Not too much riding for me this weekend - I've been at work all day yesterday and today. :(

I have been taking the fixed gear out for ~10 mile spins in the Fremont foothills, though - and that's quite a workout.

1salaryman 09-25-06 11:00 AM

I rode in TourforWoodside's 54-miler, but rode from and to home, so the total mileage is 70. First-time climb up to King's Mountain, so that was exciting, but tough. I am debating whether if I like Old La Honda up to Skyline or King's Mountain up to Skyline. I think King's Mtn. is about .5 miles longer? I've not done any climbs lately, so it was a good way to remind myself to go out there and do them hills some more.

The weather was perfect for early morning ride, and the organization of the event was impressive for an inaugural event. Not sure if anyone did the TourdeMenlo on Sunday? I'd originally been ambitious enough and thought about doing that one on Sunday, but that was for nil. Cheers.

SteveE 09-25-06 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by 1salaryman
I am debating whether if I like Old La Honda up to Skyline or King's Mountain up to Skyline. I think King's Mtn. is about .5 miles longer?

I prefer Kings Mtn to Old La Honda but I like to take Greer Rd. to the service entrance to the park and climb Kings to the top from the main park entrance.

On Sunday, I went out with my family and did the John Peckham Memorial Ride. It was very poignant seeing about 400 other cyclists on the ride. The stop on Old Page Mill was a very moving experience. We cut the ride a bit short, cutting out the Woodside maze and turning around on Canada just north of the Pulgas Water Temple.

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