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scottmorrison99 03-19-07 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by cantdrv55
Benicia to Fairfield along hwy 680 on the frontage rd (Lopes). About 30 miles round trip with some rolling hills.

Nice ride, how windy was it?

BigSean 03-20-07 02:07 PM

I rode from home near Los Gatos/San Jose through Stevens Canyon out foothill to PageMill and up OLH then Skyline to HWY 9 and back home. 65 miles. Sunday a quick 1 hour recovery ride that my legs were really needing.

cantdrv55 03-20-07 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by scottmorrison99
Nice ride, how windy was it?

You must know the route! It was pretty windy. At times, I was only doing 12 mph against the wind. Other spots I was leaning into the wind so I don't stray too far into the road.

slabby 03-24-07 12:26 PM

had friday off so did my weekend ride early. 60 miles. starting from w.c. south to castro valley via danville/san ramon. up and down east on dublin canyon then back up north on redwood. up and down lower pinehurst then back to w.c. thru lamorinda.

first time going up redwood/pinehurst northbound. it ain't no joke.

[edit: speaking of danville, it'd been a couple years since i rode there last, when it was being re-paved, and it's a lot nicer nowadays.]

dauphin 03-24-07 10:58 PM

Rode from Folsom on the American River Bike Trail down to the site of the fire and back. It was a fun 50 miler.

jonathanb715 03-24-07 11:25 PM

Team ni Training ride - from the Lafayette-Moraga trailhead, along the trail to Canyon, follow to Pinehurst, ride up Pinehurst up and over to Skyline, then down Snake into Montclair. Ride over to Tunnel, back up to Skyline, then down Shepherd's Canyon, then back up Snake to Skyline. From there, south on Skyline to Redwood, then South to a summit above the San Leandro reservoir. Turn around and head back to Pinehurst - follow that back into Moraga and pick up the trail going back. 51 miles, 4,000 feet of climbing - nice ride.


achu717 03-26-07 10:19 AM

any contra costa county riders out there? where do you ride...

platypus 03-26-07 12:13 PM

I went out for a 5.5 hour jaunt to the coast on Saturday. I followed the AV A ride route more or less. The ride itself was nice, but it was *freezing* out at the coast. This was the first time for me riding to the ocean, which was really a treat. I love the sea, and seeing it from my bike was really something else. The return trip up Tunitas Creek Road was really tough though. The middle third of that road is quite steep, and very badly maintained. I would have felt as though I was on one of the cobbled bergs in Flanders, if it weren't for the redwoods and banana slugs.

Sunday was a trip around the Portola Valley Loop, mostly an installation lap since I had changed out my bottom bracket and crankset and installed new brake pads on Sunday morning. With the Mulholland Challenge coming up in about 3 weeks, I'll want the low-low-low bailout gears as a just-in-case - and I never want to change my setup right before the event. Now all the guys at Copperopolis can laugh at me showing up with a triple. :D

bigbossman 03-26-07 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by achu717
any contra costa county riders out there? where do you ride...

Mostly the Diablo Valley - San Ramon, Danville, out to Livermore, Moraga/Lafeyette/Orinda, etc. Lots of nice 20 - 40 mile loops around here, just from my doorstep in San Ramon.

jonathanb715 03-26-07 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by bigbossman
Mostly the Diablo Valley - San Ramon, Danville, out to Livermore, Moraga/Lafeyette/Orinda, etc. Lots of nice 20 - 40 mile loops around here, just from my doorstep in San Ramon.

I'm in San Ramon also. I'm in the team in training program for the Death Ride, so lots of climbing coming in the next few months. A good source for ride ideas is the Valley Spokesmen club website ( - they have a few routes posted.

One of my favorites is to ride down San Ramon Valley to Sunol (the street name changes a few times along the way), then pick up Calaveras and follow that up to the reservoir and over into Milpitas. Then we come back through Fremont and Niles Canyon. You can then either ride back up San Ramon Valley (it's called Foothill in Sunol) or if you feel like some more climbing you can take Palomares up and over into Castro Valley and then Crow Canyon or Norris Canyon back into San Ramon.

Today was a windy loop through Livermore (and a bit wet at the end too - the rain caught me just as I got back into San Ramon).


bigbossman 03-26-07 06:26 PM

I usually go north or east - I'm not a big fan of crossing over the 580/680 interchange on a bike, it's very busy.

I've ridden with the Valley Spokesmen, and used them extensively to learn new routes close to home. In fact, I'll be SAG'ing on The Cinderella this weekend (SAG #8), while my wife and daughter ride.

I've been through Sunol, up to Calaveras Reservoir, into Niles and over Palomares a few times, but still prefer going north to going south.

SteveE 03-26-07 09:06 PM

Saturday was up Kings Mountain from Los Altos via Portola Valley (the tail end of our group getting caught by the Spectrum Ride on the Arastradero bumps made for an interesting sight with around 100 riders between the two groups) , north on Skyline, descend 92E, hang a right a right on Canada, Whiskey Hill, obligatory sprint on Sand Hill, and back to Peet's. (60 miles)

Sunday I did the AV A-Ride for the first time in about 11 months or so. I was not among the leaders (no shi!t!) and managed to exhale the denture, about 1/2 way up Old La Honda, I acquired after my bike-pickup truck altercation last April. Three guys helped rummage around to find the dental bridge for 5-10 minutes. (Thanks, Don A.!) When I got to Skylonda, the pack was headed out. Ed & I waited for the the other two (Don & Greg). Greg bailed, so Ed, Don, and I continued along the route. With 3 chasing 20+ we were resolved to the idea that we would never catch back on. Ed & I climbed together with Don holding up the rear. Ed & I regrouped at the Old Woodside Store and waited for Don who went blasting by. I jumped on my bike, put my head down, and managed to get within shouting distance of Don at Robert's Market in Woodside and got him to wait for Ed. We rode together back to Peet's and ended up only 10-15 minutes behind the "real" ride. (72 miles)

Gee3 03-26-07 09:38 PM

Rode with my wife, daughter and friend by Mariners Point. I'm trying to condition them for longer rides and the I Care Classic in May. :)

jwill911 03-28-07 04:24 PM

Saturday morning six of us left Alameda headed for Mt. Diablo. We took Snake Rd. over the Oakland hills, down Pinehurst and Canyon through Moraga. Ascended the south side of the mountain. The weather couldn't have been better on the mountain. This was my first climb up the devil mountain and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was feeling strong so I thought I'd attempt to stay in my middle chain ring as long as I could. I made it up the whole mountain in my 39x27 that is until I got to the last 100 yards up to the parking lot and couldn't cut it had to drop down and visit granny (30t). Boy that last part is steep. ride stats: Mileage: 85, Alt gain: 7500, time: about 6:45. A good ride.


jobob 03-28-07 10:05 PM

On Saturday I did two-thirds of the Davis 300K brevet. Started in Davis, headed west to Winters, over Cardiac Hill to Moscowite Corner, on to Pope Valley, then out to Middletown up Cobb Mtn, and back again. Once I got close to the return checkpoint in Pope Valley, I just couldn't fathom being on my bike another 5-6 hours (yep I'm slow), so I stopped there. Slacker
I got in about 123 miles and 6000 ft of climbing, at any rate.

jobob 03-28-07 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by jwill911
I made it up the whole mountain in my 39x27 that is until I got to the last 100 yards up to the parking lot and couldn't cut it had to drop down and visit granny (30t). Boy that last part is steep.

Oh, yeah. And before it was repaved a few months ago it was even worse; steep and gravelly with lots of cracks & ruts in the pavement.

ratebeer 03-29-07 08:02 PM

Any BF riders this weekend in Wine Country?

Hospengr 03-31-07 08:09 PM

Drove out to Angels Camp (2 hr drive), parked, and prepared for a great ride on a beautiful day. Left my leg and arm warmers in the car, since it appeared so nice; but... after 0.2 miles into the ride, I realized that it really was quite chilly - returned and obtained the warmer gear. Rode up Murphys Grade to Murphys, left on Sheep Ranch Road. Missed a turn, wound up going 7 miles too far (to Avery), which turned out to be 14 miles out of my way, round trip. Rode through the small hamlet of Sheepranch (population 32), then to Mountain House. Right on Mountain House Road, stopped at the convenience store to replenish, then on to Jesus Maria Road. Little did I know that that after the long descent there would be another climb, but I percevered, and pedaled on to Mokelumne Hill. Left on 49, and back to Angels Camp. I don't recommend 49 between San Andreas and Angels Camp, as there is no shoulder, and too many cars whipping by at 60+. I did take Gold Strike Road from shortly after Moke Hill to San Andreas, but then 49 was the shortest route back for my worn out body.

Total trip stats: 70 miles, 9,321 feet of climbing. Poor road conditions on Sheepranch Road and Jesus Maria Road.

Check it out on Motion Based:

The really bad part was that I was so tired, I had difficulty staying awake on Highway 4 between Angels Camp and Stockton! I made it back home to American Canyon without incident, though...

Red Rider 03-31-07 09:14 PM

I eschewed the club ride so I could ad lib. Took on Cantelow about 8:30, dropped into Pleasants Valley and rode hard & fast into Winters. Cut through the orchards & farms on the east side of 505, caught Allendale to Timm to Peaceful Glen back to Cantelow. I accumulated 38+ miles in just over 2 hrs. (That's 105 miles for the week; can I call it a century? Heh.)

Tomorrow? For certain we're riding...where remains to be seen.

slabby 04-01-07 01:08 PM

jwill911: your ride (alameda to mt. diablo) is a big reason i like being in the East Bay.

... Saturday I went riding with the AIDS LifeCycle East Bay Cat 2 group. (Don't have to be registered w/ ALC to ride.) 3 Bears then a loop thru Danville/Alamo via Lafayette and Rossmoor. 65 miles. A good mix of riders. You can take it easy or grab a faster wheel and just go.

caloso 04-01-07 01:19 PM

Did the Saturday River Ride. Tried to spend a fair amount of time up front to do my share of the work. A big group and not much of a wind so the whole group stayed together.

ken cummings 04-01-07 01:25 PM

Rockpile road north of Healdsburg in California.

Hermes 04-01-07 03:09 PM

3/31 Wife and I rode our road bikes with neighbors from San Mateo Park to Portola Valley and back a 36 miles. 4/1 rode our tandem Canada /92 to Los Altos Hills, and back 42 miles.

scottmorrison99 04-01-07 07:51 PM

I did a Winters Loop from Fairfield. Cantelow seemed not so bad in the mild temps. I'm sure I'm fooling myself on that one. 44 miles round trip. Red Rider, was that you and your captain I saw on Pleasant's Valley Road about 10AM?

flaco 04-01-07 08:04 PM

I did a very hilly 80 miles from Folsom: Green Valley, Deer Valley, Jurgens/Luneman (this road is great but at the bottom of the canyon you have to take your shoes off and carry bike + shoes across a 8" deep ford -- too rocky to ride across), Lotus, Prospector, up to Georgetown, 193 to Cool, then Salmon Falls back to Folsom. I feel a little ill right now...

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