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pelikan 03-05-07 02:10 PM

Canada TT 3/17
Anybody else going? So far I'm a shoe in for best in my class (Merckx)!!!

'nother 03-06-07 09:05 AM

I was thinking about giving that a shot. Same category (no need to worry). I'm hoping I will have kicked this month-long cold by then though...

pelikan 03-08-07 11:52 AM

Hopefully you can make it, I think it should be fun. Looks like my guaranteed 'best in my class' status is gone though :P

pelikan 03-13-07 01:25 PM

Looks like quite a few have signed up. Any BF'ers?

pelikan 03-16-07 04:34 PM

Sad history with me and this event, both times I signed up too early. This time w/ a race on Sunday and a semi-pulled muscle Sat & today I am doing nothing but staying off my legs. Atleast the $ is going to a good cause.

'nother 03-16-07 04:52 PM

Bummer! I ended up with a schedule conflict anyway, meh. Heal up quick pelikan, lots o' racing coming up :D

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