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uspspro 04-06-07 10:03 PM

Check out my new commute home!
So I do the whole caltrain/bike thing, but now I want to start riding all the way home (train+bike in the AM, and 100% bike in the PM)

I work in Mountain View (San Antonio near the bay shore), and home is in San Mateo (24th ave between Alameda and El Camino)

So today I tried the bayshore/bay trail/misc follow the 101 and the shoreline route, and it sucked! Tons of crappy roads, DIRT roads (I'm a roady), I had to cross a rocky dirt field in my bike shoes... :eek:

So I decided I wanted to make a new route. I don't mind using a little bit of a longer of a route, since this is for commuting and for fun. :)

So here's what I came up with. What do you all think?

It is 25 miles, and there is 1071 ft of climbing. I think it is a good every day route.

I will try it on Monday :)

I have ridden on 95% of the road segments included, but it's been a while for some of the stuff south of Woodside.

- Marco

spingineer 04-06-07 10:34 PM

Hi Marco,
Yea, that is the route I would have taken in the first place. Foothill Expy is one of the best stretches to go on, and Canada is pretty good too. Have fun on the commute.

ahpook 04-07-07 12:12 AM

You got it Marco! Any chance to ride Canada is worth it.

Dalton 04-07-07 09:34 AM

Looks like fun. Nice area to bike. You will strong as a bull after a few weeks. Stay dry.

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