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jonathanb715 08-24-07 09:21 PM

OK, a better pic or 2 of my bike:


damnpoor 08-26-07 09:44 PM

Here's my machine as of about five minutes ago:

Siu Blue Wind 08-26-07 09:56 PM

I found this cool pier early in the morning that I found would be nice to chill and be in seclusion for a while. I saw a sign posted (to the left of my bike) that said no bikes allowed on the pier so I picked up my bike and put her on the bench. You I can be all legit and stuff.

Bostic 08-26-07 10:55 PM

My new bike, Pedal Force RS with Campy Chorus and Mavic ES wheels. 15.8 lbs, noticeably lighter than my Trek 5200. Special thanks to T4MV for his helpful advice.

t4mv 08-26-07 11:16 PM

Wow! Nice build, Ramon! That is a real beaut...will you be riding it on the Labor Day ride? I've got to catch up with you somewhere along the ride and compare notes on your seat of the pants feedback. My LOOK is calling out to me to put it back together...and I'm finding it hard to resist..

Pheard 08-26-07 11:40 PM

NeCrO632 08-27-07 09:08 AM

Awwww...Siu's got flowers on her stem! :)

Nice rack Pheard! ;)

Siu Blue Wind 08-27-07 09:52 AM

I miss that clown bike.

frogpound 08-27-07 08:53 PM

Here is the Newest

And here is the Iro

mazpr 08-28-07 12:04 AM


Is that the chain stopper?

I have seen plastic discs before, but this one is HUGE. I got one in my bike as well, my friends tell me to take it off cause it looks cheap, I prefer safety and make it back home in one piece.

I think its the first OCLV that I have seen with the plastic on.

damnpoor 08-28-07 09:02 PM

That's the stock plastic disc. I figure it's not hurting anything, and with my luck I'd break something trying to cut it off. It's going away the first time I have to do a gear change.

rsvmiller1 08-28-07 11:09 PM

My ride
Wow.... some of you have lots of bikes. I only have one right now and it's plenty for me. I just bought this for myself for my bday last week

It's a 2004 Ironhorse Sinister Comp

OneTinSloth 09-02-07 06:51 PM

1 Attachment(s)
i figured i'd share pics of my stable as well...been meaning to take pictures of all of them for a while now, so here they are. sorry about the crap pics, but my camera is also crap, so....yeah. the DMR at the bottom is a trials/urban bike that never really got off the ground, and hasn't been ridden much because i'm not invincible anymore, and don't have the time to devote to that type of riding anymore, so now it has slicks and gets ridden to work every now and again. i did get a couple good trials sessions in on it before the slicks though.

My daily commuter/"vintage" tourer, trek 600 with suntour mountech shifters and derailleurs. this bike does everything! i even take it off-road every now and again. i crashed pretty hard last november doing a mountain ride on it and missed a week of work due to a back injury. i've got a vintage half-step triple crankset on another bike (not pictured) that i might throw on there if i feel like getting even more retro grouchy with it. until today, i had a rapid rise XTR rear derailleur and ultegra STIs mounted on the moustache bars. i took the suntour stuff off a bike we had at the shop that the customer didn't want because the frame was cracked.

Van Tuyl pursuit/fixie that i hardly ever ride anymore because it hurts my knees, has become impractical for daily commuting, don't want to sell it because it's one of the most beautiful bikes i've ever owned, i've never seen another one like it, and it's a part of my past that i'm not ready or willing to give up yet.

Sworks carbon stumpjumper HT. so fast and so fun! and those are flat bars with bar ends, not a riser bar. and yes, i use the bar ends! this is far and away the best riding mountain bike i've ever thrown my leg over.

Cannondale six13 with ultegra 10, roval fusee star wheels. most recent acquisition. rides like a dream!

Cannondale prophet 1000. Since i got the sworks, i haven't been riding this one as much. also having a harder time getting to the trails that actually make having a bike like this worth it. might sell it soon, but probably not since it's a stellar ride.

Pinarello "vintage" roadie with modern parts. folks keep telling me i should put nuovo or super record on it...i might want to someday, but for now, it works for me. if a vintage campy group falls into my lap in the future, i'll polish it up and build it up proper.

vintage Monark single speed cruiser. my babe bought the frame, fork and crankset for $5 for me when i was out of a job and needed some cheering up. we saw it at urban ore when we first moved out to CA and three months later when it was still there, we decided it was fate. TNT derringer BMX hubs built up on sun ME13II 27" rims for the wheels. rides great and can fit 2 six packs in the basket. this one (and the babe) is a keeper!

Kink cilencki BMX that never gets ridden because i'm just not that invincible anymore. bought it a few years back thinking it'd get me back into BMX and it hasn't. can't sell it for anything close to what it's worth, so i'm hanging onto it.

BlastRadius 09-02-07 10:00 PM

Hey OTS, what's up?
Haven't seen you in a while.

OneTinSloth 09-02-07 10:19 PM

been hiding in the mechanics forum. also busy working and riding a lot...and acquiring bicycles. ;)

minivandriveby 09-03-07 10:45 AM

Sworks carbon stumpjumper HT. so fast and so fun! and those are flat bars with bar ends, not a riser bar. and yes, i use the bar ends! this is far and away the best riding mountain bike i've ever thrown my leg over.

This forum really needs a drooling emoticon thing... That's a schweeet ride!

BlastRadius 09-03-07 04:03 PM

It's kinda sucky but here's one.


bigbossman 09-03-07 04:36 PM

Instead of making the BF Labor Day Ride, I chose to finish up this little gem and take it for a shakedown spin. Fresh off the bike stand, I present to you my brand new (2003) Pinarello:

OneTinSloth 09-03-07 04:47 PM

that is a sweet rig!

i just got back from a 40 mile fastish training ride with a buddy from the shop. rode out through el sobrante on SP/DR, out to moraga/orinda, up pinehurst to skyline, across grizzly peak, down through the colleges (beloit, cambridge, wellseley) to the arrrrrrrlington, and then back through the neighborhoods to my home in el cerrito. i'm about ready for a big ass dinner and a beer, but first, a shower, some emergen-C, a banana, and maybe a sammich. the six13 handled beautifully, i smacked a pothole pretty good coming down the arlington with both wheels, but it took it all in stride. had a great time, beautiful day for a ride, lots of people out.

minivandriveby 09-03-07 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by BlastRadius (Post 5201289)
It's kinda sucky but here's one.


Thanks! I appreciate the effort. :D

minivandriveby 09-05-07 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by damnpoor (Post 5150545)
Here's my machine as of about five minutes ago:

Not to be a "carbon copy" :roflmao: but here's my new (used) machine finally. I'm in :love:

damnpoor 09-05-07 08:23 PM

Nice wheels. I saw that picture when you were showing off your new cleats I believe. I'm trying to keep mine gray, so at least we can tell whose is whose.

steelblue 09-18-07 10:01 AM

My toys
Finally had a chance to take pictures of my bikes.

My latest. 06 Klein QPro xx

My first build. 85 Merckx Corsa Extra

My dirt Klein. 92 Rascal

My go the store bike. 96 Breezer Jet Stream

caloso 09-18-07 10:13 AM

The Sacramento Scorchers (date unknown).

x136 09-18-07 09:16 PM

That's a cool picture.

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