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spingineer 04-13-13 09:39 AM

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I went for it ... splurged and got a Volagi Liscio ... it's a sweet ride.

DiabloScott 04-13-13 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by spingineer (Post 15505899)
I went for it ... splurged and got a Volagi Liscio ... it's a sweet ride.

Beautiful and interesting.

scrubbo 04-13-13 12:48 PM

I really like the lines on that bike! It looks swwweeeeeeeeeet!

toytech 04-13-13 06:26 PM

My current rotation

NorcalBenny 05-04-13 12:29 AM

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This is the bike I built starting with a new frame and cobbling together parts from various sources, rides pretty nice but I haven't worked all of the kinks out quite yet. :D

Muffin Man 05-05-13 04:14 PM

el Chente 05-07-13 03:10 PM

what it do (Hi from Oakland!)
44/18 the Jogging bike
the Road bike

TwoHeadsBrewing 05-28-13 03:06 PM

My new Cross Check, built up from a mix of new parts and existing from my old road bike:

caloso 05-28-13 03:48 PM

Saturday was my first race (Folsom Classic Crit) on the new race bike: Ridley Excalibur with a Campy 10 mix (Chorus/Centaur). Won a typical NorCal crit prime.

bjorke 05-29-13 01:24 PM

If you see one of these three it's probably me -- especially in SF. While it's technically a local brand, I've never seen anyone else, ever, on a SOMA mini-velo. It's my everyday bike in the Financial District, terrific handling in stopped traffic.
SOMA Mini-Velo v Bike Friday v Fuji Absolute by What Photos Look Like, on Flickr

AzureDrpTp 06-07-13 04:29 PM

My latest build, thought I'd go steel. So far, loving it...
Ritchey Logic Frameset, Dura-Ace 9000 Mechanical.

keith831 07-11-13 10:56 AM

I picked this up off craigslist a few months ago and have made some changes along the way. It currently has 26x2.3 tires so i was looking into getting rims that can accommodate that tire size. The rims look to be a bit narrow for the tire.

Here is my road bike/commuter. I am not sure on the year or model? Any help would be appreciated.

See you on the road or trails!

Travisivart190 07-24-13 05:39 PM

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Hey everyone. I just picked up a new ride and thought I'd show you all. GT Wheels4Life Peace Tour. It had Avid 5's installed by the shop because another customer complained about braking performance ( a cracked brake pad :( ) I've been riding it nonstop and love it. I'll try and get a photo of it in the wild...

quadripper 07-28-13 12:12 AM

gettin some miles

Starrider1 08-03-13 06:24 PM

Scattante R350, My road bike and my Schwinn Voyager 24 Hybrid
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Hi, I am new to the road, 56 years old from Manteca, CA. Here are my two bikes, Scattante R350 for the road and Schwinn Voyager 24 for around the town bike trails.

bknaus 08-23-13 11:20 AM

I have a 2012 CAAD10 5, 58 cm frame and all factory components (for now). I live on the border of North and South in the Central Valley now but I grew up in the bay area and still ride up there a lot when visiting friends/parents.

I also had a 1987 Schwinn World Sport, 63 cm frame for cruising around until the lock was cut and someone stole it from in front of the restaurant I was at in broad daylight a couple weeks ago :(

budkid 11-13-13 01:02 AM

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The Velovie Vitesse out in Lake Hennessey.

TransientByNatr 12-04-13 05:46 AM

2 Attachment(s) Cannondale R800. It gets me to those beautiful views :-) And my old Steel Frame. She was way too big for me, and I had to sell her to afford my new bike - but worthy of mention :D

Ducat ash 03-28-14 07:15 PM

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Soma ES. I think I'll call her "Denise".

Aravilar 04-09-14 09:05 PM

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2014 Kestrel Legend Ultegra, ~500mi in

leicanthrope 05-16-14 12:03 AM

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Just scored one of my grail bikes last week as a frameset, a 1975 Fuji Professional.

Updated 6/29 for it's current state. The initial build was really just a test build with what I had on hand. Due to the utter unavailability of some of the stock components, I'm gradually working towards a Nuovo Record build. Still a work in progress :)

BosoExpress 06-16-14 11:56 AM

Here's mine

brainydexter 09-20-14 02:13 PM

Picked her up two weeks ago:

The CAAD 10 5 :D :D :D

newnavy101 05-15-15 06:46 PM

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70's gitane tour de france and 1986 Miyata 1000.

jacksonwest 06-08-15 06:34 AM

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Here's my 2011 Specialized Tricross Elite getting picked up from San Francisco General in 2012 after I was hit by a car at Lincoln and 12th on my way to meet a friend for CX training -- I broke five bones, but Sue here was hardly scratched. Figures.
Here's Latrice after a brief morning commute. She's labelled as a Raleigh Competition, but is really more of a Grand Sport.

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