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GB Cycle 06-02-08 09:36 PM

Burney Falls area rides
I am riding in the Deathride for the second year and have a camping vacation planned in Burney Falls/Lassen at the end of this month, so I need to figure out some good rides while we are gone.

At Lassen, we're staying near Manzanita Lake. It looks like there should be a good ride on 89 through the park to the Lassen Peak trail head (and back down the other side if I have the time).

I have no idea what to do at Burney Falls.

Any suggestions/feedback on those two area would be appreciated. I'll probably have 2-3 hr blocks of time to get some riding in. Maybe I can stretch it two 4 hours.

I put together this route on Veloroutes for one of the Lassen options.

Steverino 06-02-08 11:22 PM

I also am planning a camping vacation at Burney Falls, for the end of July. I'm considering bringing the bikes up there. I've not been there for 20 years, but I'm sure there's some nice quiet roads up there. In that corner of the state, all the roads are quiet :-)

As far as things to do, one of my favorites was to sit on the shore of Lake Britton and watch for bald eagles! It won't help train you for death ride, but it sure is relaxing - a good thing sometimes...

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