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la02 06-06-08 10:12 AM

Tour of California 2009???
So I have been thinking about this and was wondering if anyone is interested. I am thinking about partaking in the road course of the TOC for next winter. I plan on riding the exact course the pros ride, but ride it before they get on the course each day. I think it would be something that would be great fun and very enjoyable. I have not gone over any of the details or anything to that matter, but I was trying to see if anyone was interested in doing this with me. I was planning on making a vacation out of this while doing the Tour. If anyone has any interest ideas let me know and maybe we can start training and actually do this together next Feb. Ride On!

Rushfan 06-06-08 11:03 AM

I met some guys doing this last year. There was a tour package put together, no idea the company, and the riders left a couple hours before the pros, with sag vans around to help out. They had a great time...

Good luck with it.

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