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taxi777 07-27-08 08:33 PM

VeloGirls: Lorrie's Bday Ride!
I was so tired and out of it, that it didn’t sink in till later. I had just watched a pretty nice sexy looking woman get completely dressed in front of my eyes while jabbering and never once saw a hint of a birthday suit… : (

I woke up at 2:30 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I stayed up and blogged till it was time to go. The anticipation over being invited to a VeloGirls Bday ride had me a little hyped up and I couldn’t get the my much needed sleep…

After a long sleepy bike ride in the cold, gloomy wetness from SF to Millbrae, the sun was there to greet everyone. I was dreading sitting around in the wind and cold and trying to enjoy myself. Coyote point is a really nice area with lots of breathtaking views of the bay.

Sarah with the crazy knee socks along with Holly and Richard and some others. I can’t exactly recollect, were all waiting there. Lorri Lee showed up right after. Her car was full of stuff for the cook out. Lorri Lee proceeded to get ready while talking for everyone and did that magical thing woman do. Get somehow dressed underneath what they’re wearing. I’ll never figure that one out. Then again woman will never figure out the Man’s “10 second rule.”

It was nice to really meet Lorri officially. ( I feel like I’ve know her forever) She’s one of those people makes you feel immediately comfortable. She gave instructions to everyone and we were off down along a very scenic bay coastal bike path. I immediately bonded with Holly. She grew up in the same area back east so we spent time trying to out Boston each other. I’d like to ride with her again, she was a lot of fun to hang out with.. We ended up zig zagging through the peninsula down to Redwood shores and up 84 to Woodside and regrouped to Robert’s market.

It was a very relaxing ride, which I was happy about. Up Canada where I just pretty much hung on to Chris’s wheel into the headwind. Every time we stopped Lauren was would put the camera 2 inches from my face to try and get the chipped tooth… Damn and I felt so pretty in pink…the tooth was killing my fashion statement here…

We made it back and I only got lost twice. The rest of the afternoon we sat around eating burgers on the grill and some great other food. Lorri Lee’s friend Richard was there with crutches. He apparently had gotten in a horrific track bike accident and I think He pretty much had broken everything. He showed me a gnarly picture (x-ray) of his hip & leg. It looked like the terminator. Pretty scary those darn fixed gear bikes…

The cookout was a kind of pot luck. I felt a little bad for only bring cookies. Lorri Lee had really provided quite a spread for everyone and I feel like I owe her dinner for her hospitality and food.

It turned out to be a really different experience with lot’s of Lorri Lee’s friends. She’s a really nice friendly type easy to know and get along with. I think she’s the perfect coach personality. Quite easy to trust and you feel like she really cares for everyone around her. I really like the idea of the VeloGirls philosophy. I was very much honored to have been invited and I’d love to ride with her again soon. I would like to get Cathy and I down her way for some of her skills classes. Everyone I’ve spoken to just raves about them. Cathy is thinking about really getting serious with the bike now so, it’s a good time. Can’t wait to ride with her again soon.

I said goodbye and I headed back to the Bart station into a really mean headwind. There was no way I would be riding my bike back to the city.

taxi777 07-27-08 08:39 PM

kb5ql 07-27-08 08:43 PM

F'n A. You DID chip that tooth :(

Stupid Cable locks...

Siu Blue Wind 07-27-08 09:24 PM

Dang. Better get that fixed or your gonna be missing some kernals when you eat corn on the cob!

Looks like a lot of fun there! I always love your threads, Pete. :thumb:

BlastRadius 07-28-08 12:26 AM

Way cool. Happy B-day Lorrie. Where did you guys ride?

x136 07-28-08 01:42 AM

Originally Posted by taxi777 (Post 7147839)


Siu Blue Wind 07-28-08 07:54 AM

Close your mouth, X. Nobody stole your socks.:p

1jacktripper 07-28-08 10:00 AM

Those socks are awesomeness, personified!

velogirls 07-28-08 10:00 AM

Pete, the pleasure was all mine. After riding for 10 years, I have so many friends in various circles, that it's always fun to bring random groups of people together. I've found people tend to classify riders (racers, centurists, tourists, hipsters, mtn bikers, etc), but in reality, most of us will be more than one type at points in our riding career, no? We all just love the bike, and that's what yesterday's ride was about.

Now, if you get a kilt or a skirt, you'll be able to change clothes while having a conversation, too.

Those socks were a present to Sarah C. (her birthday was on Friday) from her mother. Pretty fun and perfect for mtn biking, I think, but they would probably give you a bizarre tan line.


ps -- Pete, your CD is fabulous! You're very talented.

taxi777 07-28-08 10:35 AM

Originally Posted by velogirls (Post 7150909)


ps -- Pete, your CD is fabulous! You're very talented.

Thanks Lorri, great day...


Do a power search on Itunes for " Peter Ferguson" and you'll be able to sample my music and buy it...If I sell enough I fix my tooth! :D

velogirls 07-28-08 10:35 AM

ps -- what's the 10 second rule?

taxi777 07-28-08 10:48 AM

Originally Posted by velogirls (Post 7151186)
ps -- what's the 10 second rule?

Ha Ha Ha little bike girls are so cute!... guess I have to let you in on OUR! secret

velogirls 07-28-08 11:03 AM

Dude! you think girls don't have the 10-second rule? Of course we do. Remember that cup of noodles? With the spoon?

I thought maybe it had something to do with shakin it for more than 10 seconds.

taxi777 07-28-08 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by velogirls (Post 7151445)
Dude! you think girls don't have the 10-second rule? Of course we do. Remember that cup of noodles? With the spoon?

I thought maybe it had something to do with shakin it for more than 10 seconds.

OMG You've blown my concept of the weaker sex being so "elegant" out of the water! I didn't know that your speciies knew of the "SECRET"...I am so taken aback!:twitchy:

smendrick 07-28-08 02:12 PM

It was a fun ride and great to meet everyone! Nice pics, Pete!!

Thanks, Lorri for being such a fantastic influence on so many riders :love:

~Edith aka 'Toots'

PS - her skills classes are awesome!! You guys should definitely do one.

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