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HIPCHIP 07-25-10 11:10 PM

Another cyclist hit and killed in Sacramento
News reported a bicyclist was hit by a hit and run driver. Apparently while the cyclilst was on the ground another vehicle, which didn't see him, ran over him also. Cyclist was killed. No further info.
That's four in the Sac area in the last week! So be careful out there!!!

BlastRadius 07-26-10 01:38 PM

RIP. So sad and maddening at the same time. Ugh.

speedemon 07-27-10 10:47 AM

I heard they said on the news that he was riding in the dark of the night with no lights at all.

VaultGuru 07-27-10 03:47 PM

I came as close as I ever want to be on Green Valley yesterday. Going west on Green Valley, about 1/2 mile before Natomas, I heard honking behind me. I then felt a car come alongside me, probably 3' in the bike lane and about 12" from me. The car behind him was honking to either 1. make me aware of a problem, or 2. get the person's attention that they were about to hit me. I came out really lucky. They guy went back into the lane, than drifted again into the bike lane. Didn't really affect me until a few seconds later. Then I got the shakes.
A good friend of mine was killed about 10 years ago across from the Purple Pit (or whatever) up the road about 1/2 mile the other way. 2pm in the afternoon and killed by a drunk secretary. Left 3 kids.
I was VERY lucky.
Be careful all of you riders.

JoelS 07-27-10 05:48 PM

I nearly got clocked again this morning. Woman in an SUV, paying no attention. Good thing I was. Daydreaming just isn't an option for a cyclist. Too many drivers that aren't looking or are distracted or not paying any attention.

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