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bobonker 01-18-12 04:32 PM

Where to try Selle SMP saddles in the Bay Area?
I'm intrigued by these saddles, but there are so many options that I'm a little lost on where to even start. Ordering one from Performance Bike and hoping for the best seems like a bad way to go.

I work in the south bay and live in the east bay.

I currently ride a Specialized Romin and like it a lot. It's close but not quite there.


gpelpel 01-18-12 05:03 PM

Encina Bikes in Walnut Creek (2901 Ygnacio Valley Rd.) used to carry them. Not sure they still do.

gw_12 01-19-12 12:00 AM

The CyclePros in Pleasanton carries them, and has test saddles to let you try before you buy.

metalheart44 01-19-12 09:40 AM

I found this useful to understand differences among the SMPs ... I just acquired a 209 lite and find it very comfortable.

FrenchFit 01-21-12 09:38 AM

Good article. I'm still amazed how many bike stores were using the sit-on-a-pad method of determining saddle width for customers...yikes!

SMPs are great but try before you buy is smart. There is a big difference in width and padding between the models, guessing right is blind luck.

deep_sky 01-21-12 02:53 PM

Matt at Red Lantern Cycles in Menlo Park has test saddles for you. I have bought three SMP saddles from him, and have probably tested every single test saddle he has. He is very easy going about testing the saddles, and is definitely knowledgeable about how to set them up properly on your bike. Contact info:

If you end up going there, tell him Anna sent you :)

Philipaparker 01-22-12 12:57 PM

Thanks for the article. I am a heavy rider 235lbs 6' tall and have been through a ton of saddles over the years, finally I found a used Selle SMP Pro on Ebay at a reasonable price and tried it. Since then I have purchased the SMP Pro for two if my bike and the Glider for my Cervelo. I can tell you they are the most comfortable saddles I have ever used both for commuting and for long century rides. They do tend to slip back slightly every six months as the article pointed out.

bobonker 12-20-12 09:44 PM

I've been working with Matt at Red Lantern Cycles in Menlo Park.

If you are in the market for an SMP, I highly recommend him. Aside from being a very knowledgable fitter, he has almost all SMP models available and is very generous about loaning them out. So far, I've tried the Forma (which was bone-crushing stiff) and the Glider (which is a little too flat for me). If I can find an SMP that works well for me, I'll certainly buy it from him. You will pay more vs eBay, but you're supporting a local brick-and-mortar store and you'll end up with the right one before dropping your hard-earned cash (instead of the typical buy, try, sell, repeat cycle). That alone is worth A LOT.


deep_sky 12-21-12 03:48 PM

If anyone wants to buy a white Glider in great condition, let me know. I have had to move away from the SMP line and am on a leather saddle now, and the Glider is just sitting in my parts drawer unused.

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