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bigbenaugust 10-03-12 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by sjvcycler (Post 14798149)
I don't think its there anymore.

Sanger, or the bowling alley? :)

ericzamora 11-20-12 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by tallteacher (Post 14762583)
I grew up in the bay area.....I miss civilization and cleaner air.... if fresno is north and bakersfield is south, then i truly am an outlier, outsider, middle of nowhere kinda guy :(

you have porter street grill. that puts you smack in the middle in one of my maps!

fresno, ca.

Totoboa 11-20-12 07:07 PM

Grapevine. Everyone knows that. AKA Fort Tejon. Drains north or drains south. Anything else is man made and arbitrary.

eja_ bottecchia 11-20-12 07:27 PM

I live on the Central Coast. To me the rest of the State is just that, "the rest of the State."

Totoboa 11-21-12 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by eja_ bottecchia (Post 14969749)
I live on the Central Coast. To me the rest of the State is just that, "the rest of the State."


"There is no life East of Sepulveda"

The Dude

eja_ bottecchia 11-26-12 05:40 AM


Originally Posted by Totoboa (Post 14971789)

"There is no life East of Sepulveda"

The Dude

Well played!

bikingshearer 11-26-12 12:10 PM

Of course, if you asked the folks in the State of Jefferson, meaning in Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou and Modoc Counties and parts of Shasta County, nobody has mentioned anyplace that is in "Northern" California yet.

As for being in NorCal or SoCal, I say that if you are between Fresno and the top of the Grapevine on the 5/99 corridor or between Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley on the 101 corridor, take your pick. Mammoth is probably SoCal mainly because of the easier and faster all-year road access from undisputed SoCal territory.

steelnutcase 11-26-12 12:10 PM

When you have a bike stolen in Fresno, do you alert people in northern or southern California? That is my dilemma.

Stolen: 1976 Motobecane LeChampion. About a 58 cm frame, silver gray in color. I don't have the SN but the components are not original so that makes it a bit unique. Suntour Superbe hubs with Matrix Anodic rims, Superbe downtube shifters, Suntour Cyclone GT rear deraileur, Superbe Pro FD, Shimano Dura Ace centerpull brakes, Shimano 600 headset, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Velo Orange double crank, Suntour ultra 6 13/30 freewheel. If you see it, please let me know (Bob, 559 281 6421)


caloso 11-26-12 12:16 PM

Are you a Giants fan or a Dodgers fan? That's really all that matters.

bknaus 01-08-14 05:04 PM

I was wondering about this myself. I grew up in the Bay Area and when living in SLO felt like that was SoCal (barely) but now in Visalia I'm lost. Even the "above Fresno is North and below Bako is South leaves me hanging. I think I'm going with Visalia is NorCal, mainly because I hear people here say "hella" and that's definitely not done down in the south... :thumb:

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