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knite 06-18-13 12:02 AM

Best bike fitter in SF?
I recently had my saddle and seat post stolen, which sent me into a research frenzy. I discovered ISM's noseless saddles, which are apparently tricky to position correctly. This lead me to realize that I might as well get a proper bike fitting while I'm at it.

I've found the following fitters in San Francisco: - $250, BodyGeometry Bike Fit, "Master BG FIT technician certification from Specalized [their typo!] BG FIT" - $250, "BG Pro 3D Video FIT Session with Master Certified Fit Technician" (seems to be the same Specialized cert as above?) - $275, Retul fitting session - $285, 3D BG Video Fit

Roaring Mouse and Mike's both seem to have the same Specialized certification. 3D seems to include the Specialized video tool along with other steps (or they may just write better ad copy). They also have an appealing $195 fit.

All of these fitters have been mentioned on threads here or elsewhere, but always anecdotally ("I received great service from X"). Given the similar costs, how should I choose which shop/fitter to visit?

Jandro 06-25-13 01:08 PM

This may be a bit late but I've had professional fittings at Bespoke (with Ari) and at Cykel (with Nik). Cykel being the most recent.

I will be going to Cykel for the foreseeable future. Nik, Chris, and Rocio are awesome people and they really REALLY care for their customers. Nik is extremely well-qualified and I've had both my road and track bikes fit by him. I race both regularly and it was a night and day difference after the fit.

Check them out.

hajitosan 08-03-13 11:33 PM

I'm in the same situation.. checking out the options, the funny thing is who ever i go to i'll probably be bringing 3 bikes in.. I want them all fit because i ride them all quite a bit. hope it doesn't sting too much in the pocket book but i think it may be worth it.

Broid 08-04-13 07:37 PM

Try Gebhard at Veloro

Or if you want to try a guy that also does coaching, try Clark Natwick...

Both are very, very good...highly recommended...

stbtra 08-23-13 04:28 PM

How much do you typically spend in parts during the fit? Do they give you reasonable prices or do they mark them up a ton?

johnny99 08-23-13 09:40 PM

Here's a review of 3D Bikefit. I don't know anything about them besides this article.

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