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hup 07-28-13 07:29 AM

Pescadero Creek Rd - good ride?
I'm hoping someone here can chime in for us.
My wife and I will be staying down the coast from Pescadero (at Costanoa campground) and are planning a leisurely tandem ride to town for lunch and a loaf of that decadent artichoke bread (we figure if we cut a loaf into thirds we can each fill our jersey pockets for the ride back)
Anyway, I am hoping to add a few miles on to burn the extra calories, and after studying the map was looking at heading up Pescadero Creek Rd, maybe just up to Memorial Park and back down.
Any insight that you folks can share with me on this road? Will there be much traffic on a Monday midday? The climbing seems about like what we do here at home. Judging solely by Google streetview and ridewithgps it seems like it would be a pleasant ride, but it's always better to get real life input if possible.

Any input will be greatly appriciated. Thanks!

Beaker 07-28-13 08:05 AM

Yup, that's a great cycling road. The part from Pescadero to the top of Haskins Hill that you are referring to is pretty nice pavement, good sightlines etc. someone local should chime in on the traffic situation, but when I did a weekday recon ride ahead of the Pescadero Road Race, it was pretty quite. Just remember that it can get pretty cold/foggy down by the coast, even if it's blazing sunshine close to the bay.

Beaker 07-28-13 08:08 AM

PS. - the route of the road race is a pretty nice ride itself. You could do it clockwise or counterclockwise, but effectively it's the loops from Pescadero along Stage Rd, right on 84 the right on Pescadero Creek. about 30miles or so.

johnny99 07-28-13 09:46 AM

Pescadero is a beautiful road in both directions. Not much traffic except on weekends when there are a lot of motorcycles.

jfh 07-28-13 12:08 PM

I camped at Memorial Park a few weeks ago, and did a little riding around the area with my wife and another family friend (fairly casual riders). As everyone says, it's very nice. The section between Memorial Park and Pescadero is pretty gentle in both directions, and it's neat entering/exiting the redwoods (roughly at a little bridge that crosses Pescadero Creek). If you want to add a little bit of mileage and climbing, you can keep heading up the road a bit to a couple of other landmarks, i.e YMCA Camp Loma Mar, and YMCA Camp Jones Gulch. A little more traffic as the day progresses, but nothing very bad at all. You'll see the most cars at the Pescadero/Stage intersection, and you can avoid that intersection after getting the bread by going up North Street to Pescadero Creek, which goes by the Harley Farms goats.

I can't remember when the grocery store/bakery opens, wasn't open when I did an early morning ride with my wife, but open when I did a ride with my friend around 11am (lots of cyclists stopped there). They also make really great sandwiches with the garlic herb bread.

hup 07-29-13 03:43 PM

Thanks Beaker, johnny99, and jfh! We rode this morning over Butano Rd to Pescadero Creek, up to Memorial Park, back down to Pescadero, then back down Hwy 1. The ride up Pescadero Creek might be one of the nicest stretches of road we've done on the tandem. After we turned around and were coming back down we both swore that we couldn't remember the way in being a climb. Great ride with my sweetie with a nice stop for lunch. Thanks so much for the great input on the route.


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