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jyl 08-01-13 10:29 PM

Bicycle commute to San Francisco?
Bay Area folks, I have a question. Is there a good way to commute by bicycle from Berkeley to downtown San Francisco? The only alternative is to bring a folding bicycle on BART? Or lock your bike at an East Bay BART station? I'm sad to see there is no bike bath on the Bay Bridge.

ro-monster 08-02-13 01:12 AM

I've never had occasion to use it myself, but the Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle might be an option for you.

dalameda 08-02-13 08:49 AM

The "new" Bay Bridge, if and when it is ever open will have a bike path to treasure island, but you would still have to bus from there. Have you looked into the Ferry as an option?

jyl 08-02-13 10:39 AM

I did some more reading and see there is supposed to be a bike/ped path on the new (East span) of the Bay Bridge. But something about not actually being able to get all the way to Treasure Island until part of the old span is removed? And any bike/ped path on the West span seems merely in the proposal/wishing stage? Bummer.

Ferry hours and frequencies are restrictive. Bike Shuttle hours are a little better. BART hours are the most flexible, it seems.

So . . . anyone have good luck with the Bikestation at Ashby BART? Secure, or not so much? The Bikestation at Berkeley BART has limited hours.

How about the bike lockers at North Berkeley BART? How early do you have to arrive to have a good chance of getting a locker?

UmneyDurak 08-02-13 01:41 PM

I think your best bet is a folding bike + BART.

prathmann 08-02-13 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by UmneyDurak (Post 15918470)
I think your best bet is a folding bike + BART.

Or a regular bike and BART. BART is currently in a several month trial period of allowing bikes on at all hours (no commute period blackout). If there aren't any serious problems it's expected that this will become the standard policy. But please be considerate of other passengers when the train is crowded - let's try to make sure there aren't any major problems.

gaucho777 08-02-13 05:19 PM

As prathmann says, BART has lifted it's restriction on bikes. Some rules still apply (like no bikes on the first three cars during commute hours), but you can now take your bike on BART from Berkeley to downtown SF.

More info:

I haven't used the BART bike stations. According to this link ( both the downtown Berkeley and Ashby stations have 24-hour self-service.

Regarding the bridges. Definitely no way to go across the Bay Bridge on bike (though some buses have bike racks). The "new" bay bridge only extends to Treasure Island (about half-way to SF). The existing span from Treasure Island to SF is not getting replaced any time soon. Only the new span from Oakland/Emeryville to Treasure Island will have a bike path.

Are you relocating to the Bay Area?

raoul_duke2k 09-03-13 12:49 PM

I've commuted from Ashby in Berkeley to Civic Center for over 2 years. I just bring a regular bike onto BART. Generally I stay towards the last train as there is more room. Bikes are allowed on BART all hours for the next few months, and I feel like they will make it permanent as this is the second time they've tried it this year. Otherwise, there are blackout periods for bikes - luckily they don't interfere with my work hours.

Beaker 09-03-13 11:14 PM

If you want to go in style, ride to Jack London square and take the ferry. I ride the ferry to SSF and it's by far the best way across the bay.

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