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TTOM52986 08-03-13 08:18 AM

disabled vet
Looking for a recumbent in decnt shape to maintain my health. Injured while n service and my health is going down hill rapidly since I cannot run or walk anymore. Not looking for a handout just a little help sine my pension is only$ 200.00 per month after 17 years of service. Also trying to start a foundation for disabled vets to get off of the couch and start living again. I am a large man 6' 4" 280 lbs. Thanks for letting me post.

Tom Fish
[email protected]

DiabloScott 08-03-13 12:31 PM

Do you know about the Sentinels of Freedom ? They're main mission is re-education I think, but they have a charity bike ride every year so they may know about available bikes that could be right for you.

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